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Best Practice: Efficient Logistics in E-Commerce Through Preconfigured PSIwms in Hisert’s Warehouse

23 Aug 2023, Logistics, Technology

In today's fast-paced e-commerce world, efficient handling of logistics processes is crucial. Here, robust IT support in the form of a warehouse management system (WMS) plays an indispensable role. Implementing such systems has long been a challenge, but Hisert's e-commerce warehouse has seen a remarkable increase in efficiency through the integration of a preconfigured WMS.

Small but Nice: The Difference Between WMS and IMS

27 Apr 2022, Logistics, Technology

The digitalization of your warehouse is imminent. This is a measure that you have planned to take for a long time because you want to drive the digital transformation in your company. But at this point, you are possibly unsure about selecting a specific warehouse management software solution? Do you need a comprehensive warehouse management system (WMS) for your logistics, or is the implementation of an inventory management system (IMS) sufficient for your purposes? Against this background, the following question arises: What is the actual difference between WMS and IMS?

The WMS of the Future – Upgrade to Digitalized Warehouses Now

07 Jan 2022, Industry 4.0, Logistics, Technology

The digital transformation is in full swing. Influenced by the Corona pandemic, we are coming into contact with digitalization in more and more areas of life. Processes in the warehouse are also becoming increasingly digitalized. Based on Industry 4.0, Warehousing 4.0 has emerged as a new trend term in logistics – What's the idea behind it? What do the future standards in warehouse management look like?