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Logistics as a Success Factor: Digitalized Production Supplies

27 Jan 2020 - Logistics, Production, Industry 4.0

Process improvement through digitalized production logistic
Process improvement through digitalized production logistics. ©Gorodenkoff/Adobe Stock

Complex logistics calls for simplifying software solutions. A future-proof solution is required to ensure that warehouse processes run efficiently and dynamically, and can be adapted flexibly. The digital optimization of the core logistics processes is the top priority. The warehouse management system in combination with PSI's ERP solution offers innovative logistics from a single source.

Successful logistics always originates from smooth production. However, the fact that the entire warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine depends on various factors:

  • Stable supply chains,
  • fast throughput times and
  • controlled stocks ensure the supply security of production.

But what happens if the ERP and WMS systems are not well coordinated? At worst, this can lead to a breakdown.

From challenging warehouse processes to holistic production supplies

Core processes in a logistics center are picking, order provisioning and production supplies. A continuous mapping of the individual processes is often difficult to understand. The processing status of the orders is inaccurate, the material flow is opaque and uncontrollable, the throughput times are too long. Manual picking with orders created on paper is often used resulting in limited quality and errors. This leads to a bottleneck in the logistics center, a condition that can be changed with the help of the right warehouse management system and a synchronized ERP system. The results are integrated production supplies and consistently mappable processes.

Synchronized material and information flow between warehouse management and ERP system. Source: PSI

What distinguishes a successful warehouse management system?

From start to finish, PSIwms convinces through the integration of localization and positioning technologies. Orders created on paper are replaced by paperless (picking) processes in order processing. The degree of automation in the processes is increased while saving resources. Throughput times in production supplies can be significantly reduced and storage capacities can be compacted. This increases the efficiency and dynamics of intralogistics processes. With unique barcodes and their scanning, a permanent inventory is guaranteed – this results in maximum transparency and reliable inventory control.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Synchronized material and information flow
  • Paperless (picking) processes in order processing for production supplies and shipping
  • Increased degree of automation in the processes
  • Reduction of throughput times in production supplies
  • Significant compression of storage capacities
  • Increase in efficiency and dynamics through smooth processes
  • Maximum transparency of processes
  • Flexible adaptation of processes in operation
  • Permanent inventory and monitoring of stocks in real time

User Mahr successfully relies on PSI software solutions

Using the software solutions PSIwms and PSIpenta, the logistics and production at Mahr GmbH could be brought to a new level and has thus also convinced in practice from start to finish. An integrated forklift control system optimizes route train transports. An interconnected data exchange with the ERP system PSIpenta reduces the number of interfaces, accelerates processes and reduces throughput times. Integrated production supplies are ensured at all times. The warehouse management system PSIwms has already been used at Mahr GmbH in Göttingen since spring 2017.

Logistics has become a success factor for us”, says warehouse manager Kevin Heinemann.

What's your opinion on this topic?

Hartmut Braun

PSI Logistics GmbH
Head of Business Development