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Production Management Meets Art in Istanbul

21 Nov 2018 - Production, Industry 4.0

The participants of the PSImetals UserGroup 2018 © PSI Metals

Just as the city on the Bosporus unites the two continents of Europe and Asia, it also brought two worlds together in this year’s PSImetals UserGroup, which seemingly could not be more different: art and production. Under the motto “The Art of Production,” numerous lectures and a factory tour at ASAŞ Alüminyum offered an impressive program. Ahead of the event, the third PSImetals digitalization brunch on cloud computing also took place.

What does music as a genre of art has in common with steel and aluminium production?

Just like learning to play an instrument, steel production requires patience and perseverance. Do you like Paganini? Or do you prefer Hendrix? There is no right or wrong. Every performance must be tailored to the audience. PSImetals enables its customers to adapt the software to their processes.

We are the instrument, our users are the musicians!

Insights into practice

With more than 100 participants and the highest number of customer presentations at a UserGroup, reputable customers reflected on their experiences with PSImetals. For example, Marcelo Llambias, IT Manager at Tenaris, shared his experiences with setting up a center of excellence, while Bakhrul Ulum, Director of Krakatau Information Technology, reported on the practical experience of an independent PSImetals implementation.

The speakers of the PSImetals UserGroup 2018 © PSI Metals

Experiencing art

During the guided tour through the factory of the PSImetals UserGroup’s host ASAŞ Alüminium, the participants were able to experience a further art genre. Various aluminium works of art, as part of the ASAŞ Art Initiative, were extensively admired. 

The tour through the factory, perfectly organized by the ASAŞ team, offered insights into the production processes and their management with PSImetals. 

The participants of the PSImetals UserGroup 2018 © ASAŞ Alüminium

Cloud computing: elapsed chance or dreams of the future?

The DigiBrunch, which took place in the immediate run-up to the UserGroup, focused on cloud com-puting. Its participants quickly agreed that the topic has a lot of potential for the steel industry.

“Whether the MES will run in a cloud is still uncertain,” said Franz Nawrath, Key Account Manager PSI Metals. “There are two important questions we have to consider: the question of data security and the availability of the grids.”

These are the most important aspects why the experts still see the step of putting the factory into the cloud skeptically. 

Detlef Schmitz

Director Business Development PSI Metals GmbH

The graduate engineer in electrical engineering has been working in various management positions at PSI for almost 30 years. Today he is responsible for Business Development at PSI Metals. Detlef enjoys interviewing customers and colleagues and writing exciting articles on the topics of digitisation and industry 4.0. In his spare time he enjoys the quiet moments of sailing on the North Sea.

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