• Cloud-based charging management

    Orchestrate charging flexibility to optimize utilization of existing infrastructure

Cloud-based charging management for the efficient traffic turnaround

The advancing electrification of the transport sector induces an increased installation of charging infrastructure. With conventional grid management, the integration of charging infrastructure is limited by the use of various simultaneity factors. However, since electromobility has a large flexibility potential, intelligent charging management can maximize the number of charging points on the one hand and optimize the utilization of the existing infrastructure on the other hand. PSIngo/EV orchestrates the various charging points taking into account different requirements and optimization goals.

Public charging infrastructure

Parking lots and parking garages will require a large number of charging stations in the future. The existing grid connection was not designed for this, so a virtual grid expansion by PSIngo/EV is an efficient solution. In particular, the charging flexibility makes a design of the grid connection to the installed charging capacity uneconomical and would unnecessarily maximize the charging costs. PSIngo/EV monitors and optimizes the utilization of the grid connection and thus ensures continuous charging of all connected electric vehicles while simultaneously increasing the possible number of charging points.

Charging infrastructure for e-public transport

In addition to the conversion of the bus fleet, a suitable charging infrastructure must also be provided for the electrification of local public transport. Due to the known departure times and route profiles of the individual buses, there is enormous potential for flexibility. PSIngo/EV creates transparency and optimizes the utilization of the charging infrastructure. The charging management is already taken into account in the dimensioning, so that an efficient and cost-minimizing infrastructure can be set up for electrification.

Optimization targets

Taking the infrastructure into account, PSIngo/EV can map the entire range of optimization objectives. From direct grid-serving control to fully implemented charging process optimization based on schedules and market mechanisms.


PSIngo/EV represents a module of PSIngo/360. PSIngo/360 is a platform for monitoring and controlling energy supply grids. The system can operate decentrally and autonomously in the field or centrally in a cloud environment. Various functions realize individual network transparency, which can be expanded to a network status control when limit violations are detected. Critical grid situations are solved efficiently and network utilization is optimized through the integration and demand-oriented use of various controllable grid participants. PSIngo/360 is the real-time capable assistance system for future-oriented grid management.