• IoT-based energy management

    PSIngo/360 is the system platform for the realization of intelligent microgrids

IoT-based energy management for the smart microgrid

The use and supply of electrical energy is changing continuously. It is not economically feasible to constantly adapt the existing infrastructure. PSIngo/360 represents a virtual network expansion that dynamically records, evaluates and adapts the changes. PSIngo/360 enables a successive functional expansion from the measured network to the intelligent microgrid, which adaptively performs autonomous optimizations and can actively intervene in the network operation.

Creating network transparency

The first step toward an intelligent microgrid is to create network transparency. For this purpose, the infrastructure must be digitized and measured values must be recorded. In order to ensure economically optimized sensor equipment, substitute values are generated through the use of AI algorithms and the complete network status is provided in real time. By processing the data, recommendations for action can be derived and the knowledge of the network condition can be used for other tasks. As soon as a limit violation occurs or an optimization target is defined, the network state control becomes active.

Control network conditions

By integrating a wide range of actuators, PSIngo/360 can couple different sectors and thus dovetail the available flexibilities. The primary control objective is always compliance with all limit values. The integrated control strategy sometimes includes transformer control and dynamic load and feed-in management with the inclusion of controllable network participants. The mobility sector offers particularly high added value in this regard due to the amount of flexibility potential. If further optimization variables are defined in addition to this control objective, PSIngo/360 can leverage further synergies and respond to market mechanisms, for example.

Select integration levels

PSIngo/360 can be established in various forms in power grids. In the decentralized approach, the PSI hardware is used for the self-sufficient system integration of PSIngo/360. In the course of centralization, integration can also take place in a cloud-based environment. The combination of both paths leads to a hybrid approach that exploits the advantages of both systems.

Digitization of the energy supply

PSIngo/360 is the system platform for the digitalization process of energy supply. The platform offers successive function integration for continuous further development and adequate requirement service. Thereby, the main functions are divided into network transparency and network state control. Each of these main functions offers sub-functions so that, for example, only data storage and processing of measured values is activated or complete network transparency is realized on the basis of AI algorithms. The network state control also has various characteristics, from the control of occurring limit value violations to an orchestration of various optimization challenges. At every level, PSIngo/360 with its analysis functions and active options for action represents a reliable, scalable and resilient assistance system for the network operation of the future.