• Mobile grid management

    PSIgridmobile is a platform-agnostic interface between the field force, the control center of the grid company, and the operational dispatcher

Mobile grid management for the energy supply of the future

Innovative support for an autonomously operating field force

All required information and documentation - whether for inspections, outages, or planned outages - are centrally available in PSIgridmobile. At the end of the job, the documentation of the engineer is completed and the subsequent processes are already started automatically.

Time consuming inquiries due to missing information about completed jobs are now a thing of the past.

Step list for an autarkic switching operation
Step list for autonomous switching operations in the field

Better performance by digitization

Managing switching operations in the instructed grids requires maximum coordination of the required measures, third party companies, staff, customers, government and regulatory authorities, and the actual technical reality.

Relevant increases in efficiency with a parallel gain in security can only be achieved by comprehensive digitization.

The planning results including interactive step lists are available to the switching staff. The same step list is available to all field crews involved in the switching process so that all involved parties are fully informed at all times - even field crews which are far removed from each other yet must perform switching steps as a team.

The digital switching process also allows ad-hoc changes of the switching steps and the staff scheduling. The result: Highly efficient processes with increased security.

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Mobile - Backed by a powerful control system

Switching operations in non-instructed grids can be performed without switching preparations but not without job scheduling and dispatching. For autonomous grid management, PSI has combined the advanced functionality of the grid control system with the benefits of the field force management system. Up-to-date infeed information as well as globally known grid states are available to the engineers in PSIgridmobile as part of the work orders. This allows documentation of work steps, update of the grid state in the grid diagram, and generation of suggestions for switching sequences. The effects of the switching operations are immediately available to all engineers in the active grid diagram. Global processes, such as simultaneous outages, can be handled much easier with good grid information.

GEO display low voltage
GEO presentation of low voltage
Feedback to the operation center
Job report to the operational center

Information enables action

With PSIgridmobile, the engineers receive more detailed job-related grid information than before. The current grid diagram provides information about the grid state. In the grid, work safeties can be set and switching operations can be performed. These are transmitted directly to the control system for transparent management and access for all. The engineers receive grid diagram updates which provide immediate information about the effects of their operations such as successful service restoration after outages. For every switching operation, the control system can provide services in form of interlocks, grid calculations, and notes.

Follow-up processes such as measuring of a building connection, shutting down a construction site, or billing can be started automatically.

Decentralized grid management for grids with on-site responsibility

This type of grid management can be used for pipe grids, low voltage grids, and monitoring of individual plants such as sewage plants for which the control system can provide services without additional work for the control center staff.

Win-win-win - Overview of the benefits

  • Based on the holistic view of the work, the dispatcher can easily coordinate, dispatch in the team, and is always informed about the status of the switching operation.
  • For the staff in the control center, the majority of the daily phone calls is eliminated, the noise level is reduced, and the switching states are acquired and displayed in the grid diagram in real time which enables better focusing on complex switching operations.
  • The engineer receives digital grid information and idle times are reduced - he can operate autonomously.

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