• Intelligent Field Force Management

    PSIcommand provides the basis for optimized AI-supported capacity planning and maintenance and outage management for energy suppliers

Intelligent field force management for the energy supply of the future

Powerful functions for efficient maintenance, outage, and crisis management as well as switching management

PSIcommand can be configured in multiple ways to control processes and staff for day-to-day operations. It supports asset management with comprehensive and optimized scheduling of work in the grid. The system can automatically determine the best time for performing the work. It uses artificial intelligence methods to enable the dispatcher to perform the task scheduling quickly for a variety of objectives and constraints.

Job overview
Job overview

Immediate capacity to act in the event of outages and crises

Benefit by enabling all involved actors to operate in precise coordination as well as by continu-ously documenting all instructions and activities.

Protect yourself legally

Present your individual needs of information recording of events and outages as well as process control with our parameterizable process forms. Short decision processes, immediate information availability, automatic determination of responsibilities, and automatic triggering of follow-up processes enable you to act immediately during outages and crises.

The acquired data are used in PSIcommand as the operations and information center for contemporaneous fault clearance, and are forwarded to the respective authorities. Routine work is performed automatically by the system so that the control center can focus on fault localization, the dispatcher on changes in the task schedule, and the field force team on the actual fault clearance.

Strategic field force management

Schedule six weeks ahead – Very simple with AI!

Too expensive if done manually, but it can be done efficiently with the job generation and capacity planning in PSIcommand. Unforeseen events such as construction delays, late deliveries due to strikes, or unavailability of staff members are no reasons to forego long-term scheduling of jobs and their benefits. The new schedule based on all new constraints can be generated by the push of a button.

You rely on third party service providers in your day-to-day operations?

No problem! PSIcommand offers two concepts for this. Based on the rights concept, the service provider dispatches his own jobs; with the dispatching concept, you dispatch the jobs to the mobile devices of the service provider.

Job-/ Capacity planning
Job-/ Capacity planning
Step list for autonomous switching operations
Step list for autonomous switching operations in the field

Switching management for grids - One process to integrate all

Managing switching operations requires peak coordination performance between the required measures, third party companies, staff, customers, government and regulatory authorities, and the actual technical reality.

Relevant increases in efficiency with a parallel gain in security can only be achieved by comprehensive digitization.

Benefit by highly efficient processes while increasing security

From its start to its finish, the switching process involves numerous departments. The integration of the switching measures into the context of the overall task and into the grid management makes this solution efficient and field-worthy.

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Business reporting with interactive and role-based dashboards

The reporting makes data available for other applications. Answers to ad-hoc queries are immediately available and can easily be shared with interested parties. Thus, the report establishes transparency and provides a basis for continuous improvement of the existing processes.

Use existing data for interactive and role-based dashboards. They provide ongoing and user-friendly access to decision-relevant information for all decision makers and management in the company. The data is also available for additional analyses. Whether the process structures must be optimized or "Predictive maintenance" is required, the job results from past jobs always provide the data basis. These data are available in multiple ways.


Win-Win-Win - Artificial intelligence enhances your asset data

  • The automatic dispatching based on standardized processes and automatic consideration of changes enables you to focus on any changes.
  • Using intelligent congestion analysis, transparent decision making, and optimized purchasing processes, the look-ahead capacity planning allows you to respond ahead of time.
  • With the strategic bundling of maintenance measures, you can reduce switching measures and, in conjunction with capacity planning, obtain an up-to-date annual switching plan at any time.

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