Secure rail electricity supply

New network control systems for Swiss Railways (SBB)

In June 2010, PSI AG received a large order from Swiss Railways (SBB). This order consists of a network control system (Energy Management System) for the 132 kV level including extensive network calculations, network control functions, and training simulator as well as a rail electricity control system for the 15 kV level with specific functions for the control and monitoring of rail electricity supply.

Both network control systems are based on the PSIcontrol system architecture
and share several characteristics, such as redundant architecture. Both systems are linked together and provide interfaces to various other applications. Furthermore, the systems fulfill international security requirements for infrastructure systems. PSI Nentec telecontrol gateways are used as the standard process interface.

Dynamic exchange of process information

A new development is the online selection of multiple languages for the user interface. This new function will also be available to other customers in the future. Also, both systems access a shared database for static data models for process applications which is a new feature as well. As much as possible, the source data will be imported from existing data sources such as legacy systems or office applications. In online mode, both control systems exchange current process information.

Ease of serviceability

These state-of-the-art control systems replace existing SBB control systems including the central system and several sector and district control centres which are scheduled to be replaced in 2013 for technical and economic reasons.

Image: SBB

Improvement of alarm and fault management

SBB’s main objectives are the consolidation of the control system platforms, the upgrade of the legacy systems, and increasing the maintainability. The improvement of alarm management and outage management are additional SBB requirements. Therefore, intelligent functions for fault display and analysis are integral components of the new systems. These functions support the operators in containing outages and restoring power quickly and efficiently. Thus, the new control systems contribute to guaranteeing the power supply of the dependable and well-known Swiss Railways. The completion of the systems is planned in stages for 2012 and 2013. The implementation phase of the project began in July 2010. At this time, the system specifications are being created.

Increase in the foreign share in energy management

The order for both systems is worth approximately 10 million Euros. SBB awarded the order to PSI after an extensive criteria assessment in which PSI prevailed over several large international competitors. After Germany and Sweden, Switzerland is the third European country using a major rail electricity control system from PSI. With the SBB order and additional orders from Austria, international orders surpass 50 % of the total orders awarded to PSI’s Electrical Energy business unit in 2010.

Traction power network of the Swiss Railways. Image: SBB

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