Innovative Production Concepts for Affordable Electric Mobility

Affordable electric cars for deliveries and short trips – with StreetScooter GmbH, SMEs and research institutions are making this shared vision a reality. PSI supplied the software for the planning and control of the complete production process, which is taking new directions in efficiency.

Real-time production system used for the StreetScooter

Real-time production thanks to integrated software

Through the integration of all software components, for the first time it has been possible to model all processes from ordering to design changes to purchasing, production planning and control, down to the workshop level.

From Research to Practice

The innovative methods of the fourth industrial revolution are already being tested in a demonstrator factory at the new RWTH Aachen campus.

Within a short time, the StreetScooter research network has created a whole new class of vehicle. Its innovative structure and development concept made it possible to develop the first series-ready electric car model in about half the time and at a tenth of the costs.

PSI provided the software basis for order processing, production planning and control and the conceptual approaches for opti mising the feed-in of electricity to the production process. The project uses new methods and standards developed in various research projects on subjects involved in the fourth industrial revolution.

Rapid pace of individual developments

In just a year, based on the StreetScooter prototype, a customerspecific variant for use as a mail delivery vehicle was developed, tested and made ready for series production. This individually designed electric car was approved for road use in early 2014, and 50 vehicles are being tested in the Bonn area under conditions of actual use.

Modular flexibility

The vehicle was designed from the outset to have a thoroughly modular structure. This means that StreetScooter can be repurposed and reconfigured for a host of different applications. This in turn means that it can be produced in lower numbers than conventional automobiles while remaining cost-competitive – thanks to innovative Industry 4.0 concepts and flexible IT support.

“We need an affordable car to help bring about the breakthrough for electric mobility.” 

Within a year, the individually designed electric transporter was developed based on the Compact model. Image: StreetScooter GmbH
In the self-organising, flexible manufacturing of the future, networked production islands will take the place of the assembly line.

Photos (top to bottom): Sebastian Vollmert (3)