Our Solutions Support the Structural Shift to Industry 4.0

As one of the most experienced software companies in Germany, PSI has long experience in the creation of solutions for the entire production and logistics process, as well as all planning levels. This puts us in a position to effectively support the step-by-step implementation of the fourth industrial revolution.

Working closely with leading partners in science, R&D and industry, we are involved in multiple research projects for the implementation of the Industry 4.0 vision in production and logistics.

The combination of close customer relationships, pioneering research projects and important industry standards as elements of our company platform is an important part of our product strategy.

It ensures that our solutions are ready for existing and future trends, and actively support the structural shift to Industry 4.0.

Successfully implemented projects are e.g. Affordable Electric Mobility and Smart Logistics Networks

At RWTH Aachen, innovative production concepts are being developed together with private industry, associations and the public sector.

Industry in Transition

Industry 4.0 overview
Industry 4.0 Overview

Photos (top to bottom): Sebastian Vollmert