Smart Logistics Networks

Improved Logistics Structures through Integrated Transport Management

Logistics is a major element in globally networked value creation processes, and critical to success. Logistics networks must be adaptable in order to react quickly and flexibly to changes. At the same time, they must be fault-resistant in order to ensure reliable supply.

New integrated transport management system

To accomplish this, PSI worked with a large logistics company to develop an integrated transport management system that combines logistics network optimisation with operative control of transportation processes.

This new software has already proven its performance in pilot projects. It gives logistics service providers many of the functions they will need for the fourth industrial revolution.

“Smart logistics networks with dynamic optimisation make it possible to save up to 10 % of transport costs and emissions”

The PSI-Transport Management System in use.

With completion of the pilot project, PSI is marketing the new modular logistics system to other customers. We are already seeing high demand and considerable growth potential.

The new transport management system combines optimisation of capacity usage of all transport resources with faster reactions to short-notice quantity changes and changes in service location.

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Photos (top to bottom): Thinkstock, Sebastian Vollmert