Hamburger Hochbahn AG

Central Depot Management System for six bus depots

Vehicle parking and assignment in real-time based on Qualicision®, integrated charge and energy management for electric buses, manual, semi or fully-automatic vehicle dispatching, increased efficiency

Kuwait Oil Company

Leak detection and location system for a total of 12 countrywide gas and condensate pipelines.

Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

Passenger Information System for trains

Real-time passenger information at stations, in vehicles and online, modern pillars with TFT displays, announcement system and automatic voice information, consideration of dispatching tasks and dynamic adjustment of passenger information, modern user interface and graphical overviews for dispatchers

Mister Spex GmbH

PSIwms in use for stock management, warehouse management and distribution for the product range of retail with glasses, contact lenses and care products.

Mitnetz Strom GmbH

PSIcontrol system for the 110kV and medium voltage network Integration of gas functionality is presently under way. Integrated PSIcommand system for maintenance and fault clearance management (electric power).

MPK Poznan

Depot Management System for buses and trams

Control of operational processes in depots and process optimization based on Qualicision® technology


Central portfolio management system for energy trading and optimization, standardization of processes for relevant goods like electricity and gas.


PSImetals as an integrated production management system for the optimization of planning, production, logistics and quality in the manufacture of flat steel and long products at several NLMK sites worldwide.


Upgrade of the control and information systems for the DAISY dispatching system. The latest versions of PSIcontrol, simulation, gas quality reconstruction and transport management were implemented.

PCK Raffinerie GmbH

Specification and implementation of new pipeline specific applications, based on
PSIpipelines, for online simulation, batch management, batch tracking, pig tracking,
leak monitoring and stress monitoring for PCK’s product pipeline.

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