PSImetals as an integrated MES solution with planning, control and logistics functions in heavy plate production at various SSAB sites in Sweden, Finland and the USA.

Stadtwerke Düsseldorf AG

Software solution for trade and sales with central components like calculation and contribution marging analysis, accounting, contract, portfolio, schedule, accounting grid and risk management.

Stadtwerke München GmbH

Integrated portfolio and risk management system, with the central components contract, portfolio, schedule, accounting grid and risk management. In addition reporting and accounting system functionalities are used.

STUTE Logistics (AG & Co.) KG / Airbus (Materialwirtschaftszentrum)

Control of a fully automatic small parts warehouse (SPW) with around 50,000 double-deep storage bins with PSIwms. Differentiated stock management based on factors including availability, batch, production date, expiration rate, special and consignment stock.

STUTE Logistics (AG & Co.) KG / Claas (CS Parts Logistics GmbH)

Use of PSIwms for management of 57 warehouses (various types), including warehousing strategies. The transport takes place via MDT, using fuzzy logic.

Süwag Energie AG / Süwag Vertrieb AG & Co. KG

Integrated energy trading and sales management system i.e. for  quotation costing, support of procurement process for electricity and gas, portfolio management, contribution marging analysis and load forecast.

Syna GmbH

Third generation PSIcontrol system for combined energies controlling with integrated Infeed (DER) and Network Security Management.

Tata Steel

PSImetals as a multisite solution for the optimization of planning processes and as an integrated MES solution for the implementation of a SMART (Sustainable Manufacturing Accounts for Reliable Throughput) Steel Factory at Tata Steel locations in Europe and India.

TenneT TSO GmbH

Network Control System PSIcontrol including SASO (Security Assessment & System Optimization),

Network Utilization Management PSIpassage-T and the Balancing Group Management System PSIpassage-ACC (Accounting).


PSImetals as an integrated production management solution for cross-plant planning and control in flat steel production.

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