PSImetals as an integrated standard solution for production management in the areas of planning, production and quality for a fully digitalized value chain at several thyssenkrupp sites worldwide. A joint agreement ensures the development of PSI into a standard software provider for all thyssenkrupp companies within the Steel Europe Business Area.

Transalpine Oelleitung GmbH

Upgrade to new process control system PSIcontrol. The system includes integrated
higher operating and security functions in PSIpipelines such as online simulation,
batch tracking, leak detection and load change collectivisation.


PSImetals as an integrated MES solution for the optimization of production, quality and logistics in the areas of steel production, rolling, hardening and tempering at several Vallourec sites. A joint Master Supply Agreement allows the use of PSImetals in all Vallourec facilities up to 2022.

Volkswagen AG (Nutzfahrzeuge)

Use of PSIwms for supply and disposal for high-capacity suction press as well as transport and storage. Visualisation of process chain in production batch warehouse and complete tracking via RFID.

Westnetz GmbH

PSIcontrol for network management of high and medium voltage including integration of PSIcommand for fault clearance management and connection to the control system of RheinEnergie.

W├╝rth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG

Expansion of existing logistics centre including extensive automation and upgrade PSIwms to better support the gradual switching of processes in the ramp-up phase by means of new functions.

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