Operations control technology and passenger information

Optimised transport operations at MoveOn

MoveOn Telematik Service GmbH is a subsidiary of Bayerische Oberlandbahn (BOB) and Bayerische Regiobahn (BRB), both of which are part of Veolia Verkehr GmbH.

Complex operational procedures as focus of PSI solution concept

The BOB modular train concept, in which multiple linked trainsets leave Munich together only to arrive separately at their individual destinations, offers passengers regular, non-stop connections to all parts of the network. BOB transports around 15,000 passengers every day and covers some 1.7 million kilometres every year. BRB is responsible for the majority of the commuter railway system in and around Augsburg and the trains travel around 2.7 million kilometres per year.

In spring 2009, MoveOn Telematik Service GmbH commissioned PSI Transcom GmbH to supply a clientcapable operations control system (ITCS), which integrates BOB and BRB as equal clients in a single system. A possible enhancement for the bus network is also in the planning and is supported by the PSI solution. To enable non-discriminatory inclusion of external (bus and rail) companies within the model, the solution and its interfaces were designed to be open, thereby supporting future enhancements.

Greater mobility and efficiency thanks to PSItraffic/ITCS

The introduction of the new PSI control system will allow the companies to achieve continuous improvements in the flow of information, both internally and to their passengers. All operational facets will benefit from the solution: passenger information is greatly facilitated by an error-free data supply, while punctuality is supported by comprehensive monitoring of the traffic situation and rapid response times in the case of disruptions. A well-planned and coordinated connection system will greatly improve transport reliability and widely available infrastructures will enhance overall communication.

Thanks to its extensive functionality, the disruption management system enables rapid response times and ensures that all passengers are well informed — both on the train and via Bavaria's integrated passenger information and connection system (DEFAS). A particular focus of the PSI solution lies in the complex operational procedures of regional railway companies. Throughout the operation, all railcars must be supplied with up-to-date data and passenger information, tailored to their individual destinations.

PSI Transcom GmbH worked with the customer to gain an accurate insight into the operation of the participating railway companies and to establish the required definitions. A further aspect of the MoveOn project was the coordination and documentation of other important details, such as the vehicle equipment, the configuration of the IT systems and a detailed description of the control centre functions. A comprehensive overview of the journeys, routes, vehicles, drivers and their statuses was defined on a planning table.

The planning table is now a central element in the live depot management and operations control system and allows highly complex operations to be performed with simple Drag&Drop movements.

The information displayed by the planning table is supplemented by disruption monitoring and simulations of the control operations. This allows train routing or scheduling conflicts to be displayed and corresponding solutions offered. The control centre employees also receive real-time updates on telemetric information concerning the individual train statuses, e.g. passenger numbers and train ranges.

The installation of the system in the MoveOn vehicles has already begun and, in keeping with the requirements of the MoveOn project, is already helping to improve passenger information. The newly equipped trains are fully compatible with the existing system when in linked mode, thus enabling problem-free migration to a computer-based control system without operational restrictions. The setup times of vehicles have been optimised such that daily operations can be completed without the need for reserves.

The transportation companies in this region share a common goal: homogeneous and faultless provision of passenger information and connection reliability. With systematic monitoring of train, schedule and passenger information, potential connection problems can be quickly identified, communicated and rectified.

Thanks to optimised planning and scheduling as well as targeted interlinking of the various transport means, passengers can enjoy straight-forward connections and combined usage of all modes of public transport.


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