• Sustainability and CSR


Long-term Customer Relationships

Long-term customer relationships form the basis for the PSI Group’s positive long-term economic performance. Since 2017, PSI has been calculating the customer loyalty index in order to measure its performance with regard to customer relationships.

The customer loyalty index therefore takes account of customers’ willingness to conclude long-term maintenance and upgrade contracts and to provide a reference. Targets are defined and their achievement is measured both for the share of consolidated revenues attributable to maintenance and upgrade contracts and for the level of willingness to provide a reference. The target achievement levels calculated in this way are included in the index with equal weightings. In 2017, the customer loyalty index came to 83 %.

Data Privacy

Confidential data which is entrusted to PSI will be treated as confidential and protected against disclosure to third parties. PSI will defend its own Intellectual Property Rights whilst also respecting the IPRs of other parties. All PSI employees are bound to treat trade secrets and data as confidential.

PSI Group has been awarded DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certification in accordance with information security management system requirements since 2016.

Code of Conduct