PSI Transcom to participate in IRITS rail summit 2013

International Rail Infrastructure and Technology Summit (IRITS) is proud to announce the participation of developer and provider of transport control systems PSI Transcom at IRITS 2013, which takes place in Berlin on 6-8 November 2013.

PSI Transcom, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, provide public transport companies across Europe and in South East Asia with integrated control solutions such as automatic vehicle management, real-time passenger information and depot management systems.

At the heart of these solutions is the integrated telematics platform PSItraffic. PSItraffic gives an up-to-date and complete overview of operational procedures. It enables train operating companies to recognise and react to potential problems, automate routine tasks such as train dispatch and optimise energy use.

PSI Transcom will be participating in IRITS 2013 and their Sales Manager of Rail Systems, Elke Frommann, will be available for pre-arranged one-to-one meetings throughout the summit.

Ms Frommann commented: “Mobility and public transportation are signs of modern life and important factors for economic growth. Operation control systems based on our PSItraffic solution ensure optimal processes and help to carry passengers safely and on-time to their destination.
In particular in metropolitan areas, where populations are expected to double by 2050, increasing demand for mobility cannot be achieved solely by expanding infrastructure. Instead, intelligent transportation systems based on flexible and sustainable platforms are required. Tailored software must be used to increase the capacity and quality of public railway transportation. It must anticipate, quickly react to, and prevent disruptions. Requirements include increased efficiency, as well as improved customer satisfaction by being on time, reliable and safe.

I am looking forward to meeting executives from the world’s key rail operators and governments in order to discuss chances and challenges of public railway transportation and to introducing PSI’s solutions to meet the railway market requirements.”