14 Jan 2014

Real time rail times

PSI Transcom GmbH provides railway and local city transport companies
with integrated control solutions like automatic vehicle management (AVM),
real-time passenger information and depot management systems (DMS).
Its systems are based on the PSItraffic platform, which was developed on the basis of event-controlled and object-oriented technologies. It gives an up-to-date and complete overview of the operational procedures, enabling dispatchers to recognise disruptions early on and eliminate them through planning measures.
The system supports automation of routine tasks and guarantees optimised communications, which makes it an important technology in the contribution to
enhancing the safety and the efficiency of local public transport. [...]

[...] Two railways in Switzerland are benefitting from the successful implementation of its highly modern passenger information system:
The Rhaetian Railway (RhB) and Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB). In 2011 MGB decided to introduce a new, modern passenger information system so that changes to operations like delays or train cancellations are to be centrally controlled and displayed in real time.

Railway Strategies spoke to PSI Transcom project manager Tobias Trost about the contracts: “In these projects we installed real time passenger information systems, working with two other partners. One is Ruf, managing the visual and audible passenger information system, video monitoring, infotainment and
emergency communication systems in trains so it was in their scope to provide the onboard computers and control panels in the driver‘s cab, monitors, acoustic components and emergency intercom stations.” Ruf, a Swiss company, delivered a larger part of the project focusing on the vehicles, and adopted the role as main contractor. Tobias continues: “The other partner is ib Datentechnik, a hardware supplier for equipment at the stations. They are providing a unique system that can be adapted to specific needs of the customers.
The scope of the project was to equip all stops of MGB and new vehicles with real time passenger information. PSI Transcom is a specialist for the operations control centre, so we delivered the software and implemented the hardware in the project. We each have a specialty that we bring with us.” [...]