Bosnia and Herzegovina power utility decides for PSIcontrol

Contract signing with the project responsibles in Mostar.

Contract signing with the project responsibles in Mostar.

SCADA/DMS/OMS remote control system on distribution level for JP EP HZHB

Berlin, 30 November 2016 – The power utility JP Elektroprivreda Hrvatske Zajednice Herceg Bosne d.d. Mostar (JP EP HZHB) and the German-Croatian consortium PSI AG and KONČAR have signed a contract for the implementation of a SCADA/DMS/OMS (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Distribution Management System/Outage Management System) control system for the remote control of the JP EP HZHB’s electricity distribution grid. This includes the delivery of substation automation equipment and telecommunication infrastructure for the connection to the central computer system in the new dispatching centre in Mostar to enable remote control from all substations. The project is worth 4.3 million Euros and will be finished within three years.

The electrical grid of JP EP HZHB consists of 33 separate metropolitan networks, which are all connected to the transmission network of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The PSIcontrol-based control system includes a central, highly available server system and five control centres. Each of the five control centres, one main and four regional, is located centrally in one of five network areas. In the future, the control of the regional network areas will be switched flexibly between control centres.

In the framework of high international competition the consortium of PSI AG and KONČAR has been selected as suppliers. PSI will be responsible for the consortium lead as partner in charge and the delivery of the central control system. KONČAR will be in authority for the overall design, delivery and engineering of the substation automation and telecommunication infrastructure. The project also includes training and overall functional test.

With this order, PSI wins an infrastructure project for establishing of a secure power supply for a part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project is promoted by the German Federal Government through KfW.

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