PSI and Partners Launch Research Project DISEGO

The network partner at the kick-off meeting. Source: Helmut-Schmidt-Universität in Hamburg

The network partner at the kick-off meeting. Source: Helmut-Schmidt-Universität in Hamburg

Development of a distributed and IT-secure network control (eIoT platform)

Berlin, November 21, 2022 - Together with a network of partners, PSI is developing an eIoT platform (Energy Internet of Things platform) in the research project DISEGO (Critical Components for Distributed and Secure Grid Operation). This is being tested at the innovation campus of Stromnetz Hamburg and in the grid area of Stadtwerke Norderstedt.

A fundamental goal of all research projects funded by the BMWK is to ensure a climate-friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply. One important component is the development of a distributed and IT-secure network monitoring and control system that can be implemented in the energy industry.

In this framework, PSI is developing innovative approaches for integrating cutting-edge technologies into an overall concept for active grid management in low-voltage grids. Primarily, a novel design for a modern Energy Internet of Things landscape will be designed. Smart grid services will be functionally raised to a new level on this interoperable platform by AI and machine learning methods and extended by aspects of explainability of AI decisions. The practicality of the approaches will be ensured by analyses and field tests under real conditions in grid areas of the future-oriented partners Stromnetz Hamburg as well as Stadtwerke Norderstedt.

DISEGO started on November 15, 2022 with a kick-off meeting at the network-leading Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, where the goals and organizational structure of the project were defined. Further partners of the project network are PSI GridConnect GmbH and PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH as well as the Technical University of Hamburg, the University of Applied Sciences Hamburg and the University of Duisburg-Essen.

The PSI Group develops its own software products for optimizing the flow of energy and materials for utilities (energy grids, energy trading, public transport) and industry (metals production, automotive, mechanical engineering, logistics). The industry-specific products, which are built from standard components, are sold both directly and via the cloud-based PSI App Store and can also be customized by customers and partners themselves. PSI was founded in 1969 and employs more than 2,200 people worldwide.