PSI Coordinates Research Project for Standardization of Automotive Data Platforms (STAPL)

Automotive Data Platforms (STAPL). Source: edited by PSI

Automotive Data Platforms (STAPL). Source: edited by PSI

Berlin, March 3, 2022 - As part of the research project for the standardization of vehicle data platforms (in German STAPL), PSI Transcom GmbH will develop a standardized reference architecture for vehicle data platforms together with the project partners and validate it through field tests at two application partners. The project addresses in particular the legal framework for the acquisition and utilization of data, as well as the standardization of vehicle data interfaces. Other research topics include data access to diagnostic and sensor data in vehicles and AI-based applications for data analysis.

The intelligent use of sensor and diagnostic data from public transport vehicles is a prerequisite for the economic use of vehicles and the further improvement of the CO2 balance. Vehicle data can be used more efficiently and more comprehensively if the legal framework for data use is clarified and the systems and interfaces for data acquisition, storage and refinement are standardized. Suitable platforms for the cross-user use of data have so far only existed in part.

In this research project, a system architecture is being developed and validated by field tests at two application partners. Data from different vehicle types and components from various manufacturers will be collected, enriched with external data and analyzed and refined by applying AI-based tools.

The project consortium consists of PSI Transcom as project leader and coordinator and the partners PSI FLS Fuzzy Logik & Neuro Systeme GmbH, Voyages Emile Weber S.a.r.l., Capte B.V., BDO Legal Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH.

The kick-off event for the project will take place on March 24, 2022 at PSI in Berlin as a virtual event and is open to the professional public. Interested parties are asked to register via the website (german only).

The STAPL project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport as part of the mFUND innovation initiative with a total of 1.25 million euros.

About the BMVI's mFUND:

As part of the mFUND innovation initiative, the BMVI has been funding data-based research and development projects for digital and connected mobility 4.0 since 2016. Project funding is supplemented by active professional networking between stakeholders from politics, industry, administration and research and by making open data available on the mCLOUD portal. For more information, visit (german only).

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