PSI Software Supports New Platform InnoAirport in Rostock-Laage

Efficient baggage handling with PSIairport. Source: PSI Logistics GmbH

Efficient baggage handling with PSIairport. Source: PSI Logistics GmbH

PSIairport with modern functionalities for baggage handling

Berlin, 12 October 2020 – The PSI Logistics GmbH is supporting the innovation platform InnoAirport at the Rostock-Laage regional airport with a holistic IT infrastructure and modern functions for baggage handling from the PSIairport product portfolio.

Together with the professional association of the German airport industry GATE, the airport Rostock-Laage with InnoAirport provides a platform for pre-business testing and last-mile product development under real conditions. On this platform, project partners can test, optimize and standardize their concepts, products and services in a real environment.

The PSI software systems for automatic baggage sorting (PSIairport/BHS), the baggage reconciliation (PSIairport/BRS) and the flight information system (FIDS), including the hardware equipment, form the decisive basis. The systems, based on the PSI Java Framework, offer high configurability of intuitive user interfaces with PSI Click Design and optimize AI-based tasks in baggage handling.

In addition to the necessary server, PSI is suppling a control center and a wide range of peripheral equipment such as hand scanners, printers and terminals as well as display and camera systems. Among other things, the systems will enable check-in processes for the luggage of passengers arriving in Rostock via ferries and cruise ships at the cruise terminal in the port of Rostock. This includes efficient process control for baggage handling and end-to-end traceability up to loading into the aircraft.

In addition, the range of functions of PSIairport/BRS within the airport will be expanded by surveillance camera systems (CCTV). This technology offers a state-of-the-art visual tracking of baggage without the usual barcode capture and documentation of the process steps from check-in, through the conveyors to the drop-off on the sorting carousel. Flight information systems and PSI's display hardware also reduce baggage processing time.

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