PSImetals production management system went live at Chinese MaSteel

Berlin, 4 July 2019 – In May 2019 the modules PSImetals/Planning and Quality went live at PSI’s long-term Chinese customer MaSteel. The modules cover more than 50 production lines in five plant areas in the flat part of MaSteel’s production, including No. 4 Steel Rolling Plant, No.1 Steel Rolling Plant, and two Cold Rolling Plants. In total, 15 million tons of annual production will be managed by the newly implemented PSImetals system.

In July 2017 PSI and MaSteel signed two contracts for an integrated planning system and a flat/strip product total quality management system. This future-oriented and demanding two-year work was aimed at modernizing MaSteel’s information system. After 22 months of work, the PSImetals quality and planning systems went live in parallel.

Mr. Sven Busch, Managing Director of PSI Metals, said: “It is very rare worldwide that two complex systems are put into operation in parallel in such a short time.” Mr. Ding Yi, General Manager of MaSteel Group and Chairman of MaSteel Co., added that both parties have been cooperating for more than ten years, and honored the achievements of the joint efforts.

The integrated planning system covers the entire MaSteel’s planning process for flat and long products. The main modules consist of medium- and long-term annual planning, monthly sales plan, due-date-quoting, short- and medium-term production plan, line scheduling and global order optimization.

The total quality management system contains quality design, metallurgical standard database, quality data warehouse, quality decision based on process factors, the whole process quality traceability and analysis, such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), data acquisition platform, collecting data from Level1/Level2 and converting data from time dimension to length dimension.

The quality system went on live step by step in different plants. Quality design and quality decision went live first, followed by SPC.

Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (MaSteel Group) is one of China’s largest steel companies which was founded in 1958. Presently, MaSteel’s steel production capacity amounts to 20 million tons per year. Worldwide, MaSteel owns the top production lines for high quality hot and cold rolled sheet, color coating plate, galvanized plate, H-profile steel, high-quality wire & rods and wheels.

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