Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH opts for PSItraffic

Stadtwerke Bonn depot in Friesdorf. Source: Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH

Stadtwerke Bonn depot in Friesdorf. Source: Stadtwerke Bonn GmbH

Depot management system prepares switch to electromobility

Berlin, 20 December 2019 - As part of the "Immediate Clean Air Programme 2017-2020" initiated by the federal government, the city of Bonn has developed a package of measures to improve public transport and reduce nitrogen dioxide pollution. In this context, Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH (SWB) has commissioned PSI Transcom GmbH with the implementation of the depot management system PSItraffic/DMS. In the future, the system will monitor and control around 200 buses and 100 trams across three depots and prepare the planned change to electric vehicles.

PSItraffic/DMS will optimize the fully automatic assignment of vehicles to blocks at SWB in order to utilize the workshop, to carry out the fueling and cleaning intervals as planned and required, and to minimize the shunting times and thus the risks of vehicle defects.

In particular, the switch to electro mobility planned by SWB requires the implementation of the PSItraffic/DMS in order to be able to network and digitize the depot processes as well as to control the necessary charging processes in the future.

In addition, the complete equipment of all vehicles with a vehicle tracking system shows the condition and position of the vehicles at the SWB depots centrally in the control center as well as for all system users. This will reduce operating and follow-up costs, reduce air pollution sustainably and increase the productivity of the company and workshops.

With 214 buses and 100 trains, Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs-GmbH operates bus, city and tram services in Bonn and the surrounding area.

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