User report: Data synchronisation in real time at Hamburg Airport

Simpler, faster, more secure

Comparison of passenger and baggage data, loading equipment management and data provision in real time—the baggage reconciliation system PSIairport/BRS of PSI Logistics GmbH supports the high process efficiency of ground handling services at Hamburg Airport.

“We have optimised process reliability, can make the data available worldwide in real time and have continuous documentation. ”With this simple formula Kristof Boettcher, Ground Operations Manager of GroundSTARS GmbH & Co.KG, summarises the advantages his employees gain when registering luggage at Hamburg Airport. The subsidiary of the operator of Hamburg Airport has been working with the baggage reconciliation system PSIairport/BRS to monitor the handling processes in the luggage area for five years now. The software supplements the systems used in the luggage area at Hamburg airport for baggage handling and the flight information display in the nonpublic area. In Hamburg an integrated solution is used for luggage processing from check-in to loading. This also includes the central computer of the conveyor system and the system and material flow control. GroundSTARS takes over the baggage handling for the airlines at Hamburg Airport and is responsible for the operational processes between conveyor technology and aircraft fuselag—collecting, containerisation and loading. “PSIairport/BRS supports the security aspects in the seamless monitoring of the baggage loading and the subsequent, ITsupported processes in equal measure”, says Boettcher.

Code registration of a luggage item at Hamburg Airport

Because according to applicable safety regulations, no aircraft can take off if there is a luggage item without an associated passenger on board the plane. The baggage reconciliation system ensures transparent handing processes, optimal integration of results of X-ray checking and supports the comparison of luggage and passenger data for the airlines. “Instead of document-supported loading processes involving the handling and processing of stickers, with PSIairport/BRS individual items are processed via mobile data terminals”, Boettcher explains. “As a result, required information, for example about the passenger, flight number, destination and transfer airport is available to the airlines in real time. This accelerates all of the processes.” 

Faster access without disruption

In this way, the data ascertained can be used not only to compare between passenger and baggage data. If a passenger is not on the plane or has to leave it again, GroundSTARS determines with a few clicks at which point and in which container the corresponding baggage item is stored and where the container is stored in the aircraft fuselage. “Faster access without any long-term burden on the flight plan”, says Boettcher. In the process PSIairport/BRS has pre-set optimisation strategies, according to which, for example, the luggage of transfer passengers is assigned in the transport container so that as little operation handling as possible is needed when reloading at the transfer airports. The use of PSIairport/BRS also precludes incorrect loading. If luggage items are loaded into an incorrect container, the system activates clear visual and acoustic signals so that the employees recognise cases of incorrect loading early on and avoid them.

Continuous inventory count and optimum container management

The data is simultaneously transmitted to the airlines online in real time. The airlines are therefore equipped with a consistent report regarding the number, weight and location of the items of baggage. If necessary, they can inform their passengers of the status of the luggage item promptly, for example by SMS. Additionally, airlines use the recorded luggage information for data exchange over one of the global data networks that connect airports with each other worldwide.

The system used in Hamburg offers another special feature: Not only does it ensure optimal data flow, continuous documentation and process reliability, it also has integrated functions for efficient container management. Consistent registration of incoming containers during unloading and comparison with the outgoing containers recorded in the baggage reconciliation system, make it possible to do more than just concentrate work processes. The systems also allows for a permanent inventory count and inventory registration of the loading equipment. “Simpler, faster, more secure”, summarises Ground Operations Manager, Boettcher. “A reliable system for optimised processes and efficient data processing.”


Reinhard Schauer
Sales Manager
PSI Logistics GmbH, Dortmund, Germany
Phone: 49 231 17633-141

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