Optimization and Decision-Making

PSI develops intelligent, cross-application software solutions that enable optimum, highly efficient planning of business processes across the entire enterprise.

Qualicision® – optimisation and decision-making software

Qualicision – Optimization and Decision-Making Software

Qualicision is a software and consultancy concept for multi-criteria optimization and decision-making. It optimises and processes quality through intelligent information management and the evaluation of goal and criteria conflicts.

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Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Applications

On the basis of the group-wide platform, PSI uses over 50 different AI principles for Industrial Intelligence. For this purpose, methods from the fields of artificial neural networks, extended fuzzy logic, combinatorial optimization and advanced industrial engineering are combined.

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Project solutions for maintenance services

Project Solutions for Maintenance Services

PSI offers a complete solution for the management and maintenance of complex technical systems to support planning and implementation of internal maintenance and repair processes. The service management system adds additional functions for planning external services, including Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO).

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