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How to Break the Automation Pyramid with the Metals Service Bus

27/08/2019, Research, Industry 4.0, Technology, Artificial Intelligence

The organization of systems relevant to metal production has been successfully carried out for many years on the basis of the “automation pyramid”. This structure, however, reaches its limits when it comes to adopting new methods. By eliminating the strict layering of the pyramid, a standard is required that allows these peers to communicate. Learn how the PSIbus technology closes this gap. 

Freshness Guarenteed - Predicting Transport Times Using Artificial Intelligence

23/07/2018, Artificial Intelligence, Transport, Research

Rough weather conditions along the European E8 route in Norway call for intelligent transport management to carry critical goods safely and efficiently through unpredictable conditions. Well, almost unpredictable. PSI is implementing an ITS solution to predict travel times under weather scenarios using Artifical Intelligence.