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How to Predict Defects with Machine Learning - Acting Instead of Reacting, Part 2

22 Jan 2020, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0, Production, Technology

Defects reduce the quality of products and lead to economic losses. Imagine that software could predict which defects might occur and adjust production processes to avoid them. The models of Machine Learning (ML) make it possible! Learn how ML is used in order to predict production-related defects.

Chinese Steel Market: 5 Trends for 2020

17 Dec 2019, Production

When you talk about the Chinese steel market, you perhaps think of “quantity-based”, “fast growing” or “state owned” industry. In recent years the Chinese steel industry has undergone a major transformation, which could even be called a restructuring. In this article we want to share a few keywords to give you an overview of the latest developments in the country’s industry.

How to Score with Machine Learning - Acting Instead of Reacting, Part 1

18 Nov 2019, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, Production, Technology

Big Data are generated at a high pace and grow day by day. In metal production in particular, large amounts of data from production processes are collected over many years. Finding patterns in these large and complex data sets is impossible for the human brain and even for traditional data processing and management applications. This is where Machine Learning (ML) comes in.  Join us on a short journey of thought into sports analytics.