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Best Practice: Efficient Logistics in E-Commerce Through Preconfigured PSIwms in Hisert’s Warehouse

23 Aug 2023, Logistics, Technology

In today's fast-paced e-commerce world, efficient handling of logistics processes is crucial. Here, robust IT support in the form of a warehouse management system (WMS) plays an indispensable role. Implementing such systems has long been a challenge, but Hisert's e-commerce warehouse has seen a remarkable increase in efficiency through the integration of a preconfigured WMS.

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ESTAD 2023: Highlighting the Challenges and Opportunities for Steel Producers

18 Aug 2023, Industry 4.0, Energy, Technology

From 12-16 June 2023, the European Steel Technology and Application Days (ESTAD) welcomed back experts to present major trends revolutionizing the industry. ESTAD was founded in 2013 in order to have connection to the big conferences in North America and Asia. The goal of ESTAD is to bring all the steel industry experts together to discuss latest technology in steelmaking ranging from blast furnaces to direct reduction, steel rolling, materials and application, environmental protection and CO2 mitigation.

Efficient Heat Scheduling Combined with Energy Management in a Hybrid Steel Plant

26 Jun 2023, Energy, Sustainability, Technology

METEC is the world’s leading event for metallurgical technology. Held every four years, this year’s METEC, the 11th International Metallurgical Trade Fair, saw about 18,000 experts and key decision makers visiting the event. With exhibitors and visitors from various sectors in the industry, the recurring topics of discussions were unsurprisingly green steel and artificial intelligence.