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How-To Manage Production Within a Multi-Site Environment

18 Jun 2018 - Production

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Based on the experience of over 300 projects, PSI experts were able to develop a configurable product and a standardized implementation model. This allows globally acting companies to implement template-based solution within multiple sites while respecting local specifics. 

The advantages of such a standard approach are diverse:

  • during the complex harmonization process, the optimal business process for the customer can be identified and realized in the digital representation
  • employees can flexibly switch between different plants thanks to the uniform process which also allows a centralized employee training program
  • it is easier to establish uniform, cross-site processes and to collect key figures (KPIs) that consistently support cross-plant production
  • by standardizing the processes, it should be possible to respond more quickly to customer requirements and new technical developments

The high degree of configurability allows the establishment of a so-called Center of Excellence by the customer within its own organization.

Center of Excellence is able to take over the template rollout to further plants, additions to further modules and configuration changes in case of business goal adaptations or any other kind of change in the plant environment.

A customer who goes this way with PSI is Vallourec Germany. In early 2018, the world leader in premium tube solutions for the energy markets and demanding industrial applications commissioned PSI to implement a production management system in its plants in Europe (press release).

Vallourec Awards PSI With the Delivery of a New MES

Cutting-edge manufacturing processes​ © Vallourec-Thiago_Fernandes

Vallourec is restructuring the production processes in all its European plants. The production IT will be reorganized in the process and the complexity of the IT structure simplified. PSI will deliver its PSImetals Production, Quality, Logistics and Planning components within the area of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The harmonized MES model solution for Europe will first be used at the German production site at the Mülheim pilot plant.

Heiko Wolf, Director PSImetals FutureLab

Heiko has been developing software for the Steel and Aluminum industries at PSI Metals for the past 12 years. As the head of the FutureLab project he gets to think about Software Architecture, continous delivery and agile methodologies, and how all of that fits in his industry.

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