• Digital Train Management

    PSItraffic/TMS is the basis for digital and automated processes in rail traffic

Intelligent Train Management for future railway operations

Innovative, networked software systems such as the PSItraffic Train Management System (TMS) are essential when considered in the context of a growing world population and increasing mobility needs that include strict demands for safety, on-time service, and modern equipment.

It is the foundation for the digitalization and automation of rail traffic processes and enables safe, trouble-free, and economical train operation. PSItraffic/TMS integrates both, subways and railways.

Monitoring and Controlling

The system has continuous access to all required data and presents it clearly to dispatchers. An integrated fault management system ensures that unforeseen events, such as defective switches, signals and delays are detected and addressed in real time with appropriate suggested solutions. In this way, dispatchers can react as quickly as possible to disruptions without losing time, ensuring that planned train operations are restored. All of the data collected in PSItraffic/TMS forms the basis for supplying passengers with up-to-date passenger information.

Modular, scalable and open

The open interfaces and modular structure of PSItraffic/TMS make it particularly flexible. Adjustments can be made at any time to evolving operational processes – even during active operation. The system offers several automated interfaces, enabling it to exchange data with other systems or integrate customer-specific functions. The result is a top-to-bottom solution to support the entire railway operation. This integrated approach makes PSItraffic/TMS unique.

Safe, trouble-free and economical train operation

Optimized planning via an overall view of the operational situation enables improved on-time train operation and better information for passengers. Routine tasks are performed automatically by the system, allowing dispatchers to concentrate on dealing with irregularities. A system supplying suggestions supports them when dealing with faults. This is an enormous relief, significantly improving efficiency as well as safety in dangerous or exceptional circumstances.

The Train Management System PSItraffic/TMS provides an important component for all levels of automation up to fully automated operation.

ATO/CBTC and PSItraffic - perfect harmony

With a partially or fully automated train operation (ATO/CBTC), what has long been a reality in subways is increasingly relevant for long-distance traffic thanks to increasing system digitalization and networking. It is growing in importance for the future viability of railways as it reinforces important strengths of rail passenger transport such as reliability, safety, high transport capacity and sustainability.

The Train Management System PSItraffic/TMS provides an important component for all levels of automation up to fully automated operation.

PSItraffic/TMS collects all operational data and creates optimal train journey profiles which consider current conditions and dispatching decisions. These journey profiles are transmitted to the ATO/CBTC sub-systems. Depending on the configuration level, this results in trip recommendations for driver assistance systems – or even fully automatic operation of the entire network. Depending on the degree of automation, train drivers assume a supervisory function, intervening in the event of malfunctions or dangerous situations.