• Efficient baggage handling

    PSIairport – Software for passenger and baggage handling

Software for passenger and baggage handling

Optimized and efficient process flows

Constant increase in passenger numbers, limited room for expansion, and rising demands with regard to availability and service quality, require intelligent systems to optimise process flows and make existing procedures and systems more efficient. Continuous mapping of all relevant data also plays a central role. This can be done across all hierarchy levels through the use of integrated IT systems.

PSI Logistics offers our PSIairport solution for easy and transparent linking of all airport systems. This can be used to flexibly configure interfaces, integrate new systems, and distribute information with filtering and control.

Baggage Handling System PSIairport/BHS

Our PSI baggage handling system, PSIairport/BHS ensures that the baggage flow in airports is optimised and integrates the related airline, airport and handling agent systems.

The system maps extremely complex material flows transparently. The addition of customised functions puts you in a position to properly assess the status of the systems and the current situation. Intelligently-graded system messages and the clear and intuitive operation provide support. 

The mobile add-on of PSIairport/BHS enables you to control cockpit functions locally on a wide variety of platforms (Windows Mobile, Android, iOS), and to retrieve statistics or baggage information for each user group as required.

Features PSIairport/BHS

  • Automatic planning tools
  • Optimised early baggage storage management
  • Supports contingency strategies
  • Targeted analysis of camera images for each baggage item by integrated CCTV systems
  • Customisable statistics on the complete baggage flow
  • Comprehensive monitoring tool
  • Mobile extension

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Baggage Reconciliation System PSIairport/BRS

Our Baggage Reconciliation System PSIairport/BRS ensures that no baggage gets on board the aircraft without the passenger.

The cross-platform mobile solution PSIairport/BRS can be used with a wide selection of Android, iOS or Windows end devices. The mobile devices and the central BRS system can communicate via WLAN or a mobile phone connection.

Comprehensive documentation for all baggage transport systems, and various statistical analyses round off the solution Features.

Features PSIairport/BRS

  • Airline-specific loading strategies (e.g. batch loading)
  • Baggage segregation
  • Automatic recording of incoming and outgoing containers (container management)
  • Monitoring with reports and statistical analyses (e.g. scan rates, container lists, freight lists, etc.)
  • Cross-platform mobile solution with Mobile Data Terminals (MDT)
  • Transport history tracking

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Transparent mapping of material flows

Cross-platform mobile solution

Baggage tracking and tracing