• Maintenance management for road infrastructures

    PSIroads/OM ensures the monitoring of road infrastructures and provides comprehensive maintenance management

Modern maintenance management for road infrastructures

Increased traffic safety, improved traffic flow and protection of investments

The Operations Management (OM) system PSIroads/OM supports central task areas for the monitoring and visualization of traffic and communication systems as well as the planning, coordination and execution of processes for troubleshooting and planned immediate measures by internal field staff and external service providers. For road operators, this means maximum transparency, cost reduction and maximum efficiency in the entire maintenance process chain.

For road infrastructure managers

PSIroads/OM, as an integrated system for the operational management of roads, ensures the monitoring of road infrastructures and at the same time forms the systematic basis for comprehensive maintenance management. The product, which is relevant for all operators of road infrastructures, controls repair and maintenance processes by geo-referenced monitoring of all facilities and communication equipment on the traffic routes. Faults are automatically detected and reported. Faults give rise to maintenance orders, which are automatically assigned to the responsible internal and external service providers.

Seamless maintenance processes

Thanks to the seamless monitoring and documentation of the entire maintenance
process, contractually agreed maintenance services (service level agreements - SLAs) can also be monitored and deviations tracked. The connection of the existing traffic telematics infrastructure is easily done via standard protocols such as TLS or SNMP. The entire system support in the event of malfunctions and failures of IT and telematics components as well as telematics systems and services is independent of the manufacturer. Actively improve traffic safety, organize smoother traffic flow and make data streams transparent for preparing your decisions for upcoming investments. Make fact-based decisions. PSIroads/OM helps to make the best use of your existing infrastructure and saves you from unnecessary costs and investments.

Maintenance management in use at ASFiNAG since 2008

PSIroads/OM has been successfully in use at ASFiNAG (builds and operates all traffic telematics systems, freeways and expressways in Austria) since 2008. These systems are distributed in a route network that extends over approximately 2,200 kilometers throughout the country. Around 200 kilometers of the network run over bridges and through tunnels.

The telematics systems in use range from simple traffic data collection to detection systems for traffic management systems with video technology and environmental data to systems for implementing traffic information services. This includes a wide range of data transmission systems as well as centralized and decentralized IT systems. Especially in the area of traffic telematics, i.e., traffic data collection and management and related services, a very complicated and articulated landscape of diverse, interconnected systems has emerged in a short period of time. The facilities are based and communicate on the basis of different protocols and interfaces (standardized and open standards as well as proprietary definitions).

Systematic maintenance management

For a process that impacts traffic patterns across the country, fast and reliable fault detection by road network personnel alone is not economically viable. Nor is simple monitoring of the system's operating status for faults sufficient in this way. What is needed instead is a comprehensive maintenance management system. For the operational handling of maintenance, emergency operations, general damage repair as well as preventive maintenance. This includes not only controlling the execution of regular maintenance and inspections of the equipment, but also supporting the associated planning processes for all these activities. Including documentation of all activities on the components and monitoring of compliance with service level agreements (SLAs).

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