• Proactive and cooperative traffic control

    PSIroads/MDS provides multi-criteria decision support for smart traffic management

Proactive and cooperative traffic control in cities

Mobility is part of the PSI DNA. As the experts for controlling all types of flows in the area of critical infrastructures, we are confident and strong in the area of traffic management: Already in 2017, we were awarded by the German Mobility Prize for our applications.

Let's shape the mobility of the future together: Networked, transparent, multimodal and someday autonomous. PSI offers multi-criteria decision support for proactive and cooperative traffic control in cities with its PSIroads/MDS for the realization of smart traffic management.

Holistic improvement

Different road users benefit from holistic improvement of the traffic situation. This is achieved through flexible management of traffic flows and cooperation with urban, regional or national road infrastructure operators. Choosing the right measures, such as bypasses or changing speeds to control traffic, is challenging and requires extensive experience and local traffic management expertise.

In balance

The task of balancing the available services in the given traffic scenarios between the prioritized goals, e.g. minimization of travel sides or emission reduction, is solved by "Qualicision". For this purpose, sometimes even conflicting traffic management goals are evaluated against the background of the current traffic situation using a fuzzy-logic based decision technology to optimize the decision.

Strategy cockpit included

However, traffic management measures are not only determined by the traffic volume itself. In order to take into account influencing factors such as day types, times of day or weather conditions, a strategy cockpit has been integrated into PSIroads/MDS. It allows influencing the factors according to the defined priorities for optimizing the regional and supraregional traffic flow.

Developed on the basis of PSI's own software platform, PSIroads/MDS can be integrated into numerous existing applications or provides the basis for your own traffic management platform for the integration of typical devices and services. The connection is made via standard interfaces or as a REST service.

AI-based online traffic optimization

AI-based online traffic optimization: PSIroads/MDS also helps with the topic of sustainable, urban mobility. It is hard to imagine today's everyday life without the multimodal networking of our society. Individual traffic in particular has been increasing for years. An extension of the road network, at a similar speed as the traffic is increasing, seems hardly possible. What is needed is a traffic flow optimization that addresses traffic operators, planners and road users alike.

We provide a framework to abstract and simulate traffic flows and to derive the necessary conclusions. By means of optimized traffic signal control, for example, a steady traffic flow can be achieved and, as a result, a reduction of emissions. A data-driven model serves as a basis, which flexibly derives the best parameters for the current traffic situation on the basis of various preferences. By means of "extended fuzzy logic", the interests of diverse target groups can thus be harmonized here as well. The basis of the simulation also makes it possible to analyze traffic behavior for planned construction sites (reduction of the traffic network), festivals or other events and to make the appropriate decisions in advance in order to influence the traffic flow and reduce the amount of congestion. With the help of the most modern optimization approaches and instead of long-term investments in steel and concrete and the further expansion of the traffic network, we ensure the optimal and flexible use of existing infrastructures.

Ultimately, we are able to use the data and insights gained to also provide individual travelers with "smart route suggestions" for their travel planning.

Environmentally sensitive traffic management & environmental charges

An outlook: Whoever wants to regulate traffic situationally in order to avoid driving bans or does not only want to rely on the tendering of environmental zones, needs a modern mindset and a strong tool set. Traffic management is a complex matter that has to be reconciled with the new and growing demands from environmental and climate protection if we want to reduce e.g. pollutant emissions and noise in urban areas. We blend environmental situations captured and represented in our models with expected weather forecasts and environmental situations as well as with data from the past in order to achieve the desired effects after appropriate traffic management.

A modern mind-set also includes considerations and field tests with environmental taxes or a city toll. In cities such as Madrid, London and Milan or Stockholm, the goals achieved and citizen acceptance grow with each passing year. Many of the concepts have a holistic effect and involve a switch from the car to alternative means of transport and a change in the behavior of road users: offers for collective transport and car pooling are created, public transport is revitalized, and traffic flows can be influenced in the long term through targeted charging in designated areas at peak times. Those who have no good reason to drive at these times will look for an alternative. The alternative of Paris, where entire inner city districts are now to become car-free, is in many cases not a real alternative.
PSIroads/MDS offers support for both of the aforementioned areas of application. Talk to us!

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