Adapting workflows quickly and easily

The PSI software platform frees customers and partners from rigid IT structures, and its innovative tools enable fast, simple adjustments.




Graphically modelling workflows and adapting them at any time

Adapting interfaces during runtime with drag-and-drop

Delivering industrial software to 100 clouds in 30 Seconds

Downloading new functions directly from the app store

Digital transformation of business processes and fast adaptation to unforeseen events have become the key success factors for industry.

Increasingly interconnected business processes and growing dependencies in the supply chain are making production systems more complex. As a result, they are harder to manage and more susceptible to disruption.

In this area, intelligent production and logistics software is tasked with digitally integrating agile, service-oriented process chains and making them intelligent.

With integrated, graphic business-process modelling, workflows can be automated across all applications and used directly from the cloud.

Interfaces can be adapted during runtime using drag-and-drop, and integrated AI technologies help to manage the torrent of data.

„We’re  now  able  to  change  the  human  interface,  the  communication  to  other  systems, and  to  change  the  business  flow—thanks to PSI Click Design.”

Claudio Fuhrmann-Schneider
IT Global Architecture Manager at Gerdau

„The Camunda workflow engine promises to make adjustments faster and with less risk. We expect this to result in significant time and cost savings.“

Achim Stapf
Head of Global IT at GEMÜ Group

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