Gas Grids and Pipelines

PSI is a world leading system provider of integrated gas and pipeline management solutions.

Gas management solutions

Gas Management Solutions

For the transmission, distribution, storage and supply of natural gas, green gas and hydrogen, PSI offers high-quality software products and services for the control of the entire process chain, which support gas grid operators and producers of biogas and green gas (power-to-gas) in the accomplishment of their tasks.

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Pipeline management solutions

Pipeline Management Solutions

PSI offers software for the efficient and environmentally friendly support of all pipeline processes for the safe transport of gas, water, green gas, hydrogen, liquefied gas, biogas, crude oil, biofuel and condensate. PSI provides a complete suite of real-time applications for e. g. leak detection and location, pipeline integrity monitoring and tracking of multiple products through single pipelines.

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Photos (top to bottom): Roland Horn, TAL-IG/Fotodesign Heiner Heine