New network control system for the city of Vienna

Wien Energie decides in favour of PSIcontrol

For the first time, PSI AG has been contracted by Wien Energie with the delivery of a network control system for the high and medium voltage grid (380kV, 110 kV, 20 kV, 10 kV) in the Austrian capital of Vienna and some of the surrounding communities in the State of Lower Austria.

PSI delivers new network control system
Photo: Wien Energie

On the basis of the PSIcontrol control system, it is planned to establish a central control station, a back-up control station, mobile workplaces and an additional offline working place. The system will replace one provided by a competitor for a total of 41 transformer stations and substations.

The system includes the management of the transformer stations and the mediumvoltage grid with more than 10,000 substations and about 235,000 grid connections and will also include an emergency working place for the existing load dispatching center. PSI will connect the existing network substations to PSIcontrol and transfer data from the preceding system.

The Wien Energie supply area includes the capital Vienna and parts of the State of Lower Austria with a total area of about 2,000 square km and about 235,000 grid connections. The contract from Wien Energie is of strategic importance for PSI. After Paris and numerous large German cities, in the future the electrical supply of yet another major European city will be managed by a PSI system.


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