Energy Management

PSI Software AG - Business Unit Electrical Energy
PSIcontrol:Control system for managing electricity grids.
PSIcommand:Assignment system for maintenance and disturbance management in energy networks.
PSIgridmobile:Mobile component for the field force.
PSIpassage:Grid utilization management for operators of electrical transportion and distribution grids.
PSIsaso:Security Assessment and System Optimization for network status assessment.
PSIsmartcharging:Dynamic load management and charge management.
PSI Software AG - Business Unit Gas Grids and Pipelines
PSIcontrol/Oil:SCADA control system for the oil market.
PSIcontrol/Gas:SCADA control system for the gas market.
PSIcomcentre:Modular communication system for communication amongst market participants in the energy market.
PSIfetch:Remote meter readout, remote parameterisation, monitoring of incoming calls for the gas market.
PSIganesi:Network simulation system for the gas market.
PSIpipelines:Pipeline management system for oil and gas pipelines.
PSIportal:Management information system.
PSItransport:Transportmanagement system for the preparation and handling of transports services for TSOs.
PSItransact:Disposition system for the operative handling of gas procurement, sales and transport for traders.
PSItransstore:Storage management system for the preparation and handling of storage services for SSOs.
PSIstorage:Storage capacity management system for storage operators.
PSI Energy Markets
PSImarket:Energy trading and sales system.
PSIvpp:Integrated solution for virtual power plants.
GAPS:Analysis and planning system for the gas sector.
TS-Energy:Unit commitment, decision support and risk analysis.
DAISY:System for the allocation and invoicing of special contracts in the liberalized gas market.
PSIrwin:Solution for the technical auditing and calibration of gas metering systems.
PSI GridConnect GmbH
PSIngo – Intelligent Grid Operator: Hybrid network operation management for safe and efficient distribution networks.
Smart Telecontrol Unit: The Smart Telecontrol Unit includes all functionality for a decentralized control of microgrids and for the connection of smart meter components.
Telecontrol Gateway: The Telecontrol Gateway product family allows the connection of remote terminal units to the control center.
IEC104 Gateway: TCP/IP Based Connection of Remote Terminal Units to Modern Control Systems.
PSI Transcom GmbH
PSItraffic/ITCS:Automatic Vehicle Management System for the control and monitoring of bus and tram operations.
PSItraffic/TMS:Train Management System for the efficient control of train operations.
PSItraffic/BMS:Depot Management System for the automisation of operations in depots and for optimal personnel and vehicle allocation.
PSI Mines&Roads GmbH - Division Traffic Telematics
PSIroads:Integrated system for supervision and control of traffic flows, monitoring of telematics equipment and IT-based maintenance of the telematics infrastructure.
PSI Logistics GmbH - Division Airport Systems
PSIairport:Solutions for passenger, baggage and air cargo processing.