Product Overview Energy Management

PSI Software AG - Business Unit Electrical Energy
PSIcontrolControl system for managing electricity grids.
PSIcommandAssignment system for maintenance and disturbance management in energy networks.
PSIgridmobileMobile component for the field force.
PSIpassageGrid utilization management for operators of electrical transportion and distribution grids.
PSIsasoSecurity Assessment and System Optimization for network status assessment.
PSIsmartchargingDynamic load management and charge management.
PSI Software AG - Business Unit Gas Grids and Pipelines
PSIcontrolControl system for gas grids and pipelines.
PSIcomcentreModular communication system for communication amongst market participants in the energy market.
PSIganesiOnline simulation for gas transport and distribution networks.
PSIpipelinesPipeline management system.
PSIportalManagement information system.
PSItransportTransportmanagement system for the preparation and handling of transports services for TSOs.
PSItransactDisposition system for the operative handling of gas procurement, sales and transport for traders.
PSItransstoreStorage management system for the preparation and handling of storage services for SSOs.
PSIstorageStorage capacity management system for storage operators.
PSIgasguideSystem for optimized dispatching for complex networks.
PSIcontrol/GreengasSystem for the climate-neutral and flexible operation of gas networks.
PSI Energy Markets
PSImarketEnergy trading and sales system.
TS-EnergyUnit commitment, decision support and risk analysis.
PSIrwinSolution for the technical auditing and calibration of gas metering systems.
PSI GridConnect GmbH
PSIngo – Intelligent Grid Operator Hybrid network operation management for safe and efficient distribution networks.
Smart Telecontrol Unit The Smart Telecontrol Unit includes all functionality for a decentralized control of microgrids and for the connection of smart meter components.
Telecontrol Gateway The Telecontrol Gateway product family allows the connection of remote terminal units to the control center.
IEC104 Gateway TCP/IP Based Connection of Remote Terminal Units to Modern Control Systems.
PSIsiu Secure commissioning, updating and management of all PSI GridConnect devices.
PSI Transcom GmbH
PSItraffic/ITCSAutomatic Vehicle Management System for the control and monitoring of bus and tram operations.
PSItraffic/TMSTrain Management System for the efficient control of train operations.
PSItraffic/BMSDepot Management System for the automisation of operations in depots and for optimal personnel and vehicle allocation.
PSIebusDepot and charging management system for the efficient control, charging and dispatching of electric buses.
PSI Mines&Roads GmbH - Division Traffic Telematics
PSIroadsIntegrated system for supervision and control of traffic flows, monitoring of telematics equipment and IT-based maintenance of the telematics infrastructure.
PSI Logistics GmbH - Division Airport Systems
PSIairportSolutions for passenger, baggage and air cargo processing.