The PSI Group develops and integrates software solutions and complete systems for

  • utilities (electricity, gas, oil, heat and water) and
  • manufacturers (metals, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering industries, logistics).

"PSIpenta helps us to cover both order manufacturing and series production; it's a huge advantage that we can do that in an IT environment."

Andreas Liebe
Head of Information Technology, Felss Group

"Since the introduction of the system we have had delivery dates under control, lowered running times and stocks down to 30% and reduced missing parts down to 90%."

Oliver Richter
Head of Project Management, Linde AG

"We identify with PSIpenta and its approach and we feel understood. We have found both the right system as well as the right partner for us."

Marco Jassniger
Head of Information Technology (CIO), Bahmüller

"PSIpenta allows us to achieve fast, transparent planning across multiple locations."

Michael Breme
Head of Audi Tool Manufacturing, AUDI AG

"The PSI control system meets the high quality standards of the Hamburg S-Bahn and sets the standard for modern rapid rail transit operational technology. The innovative programming of its practice-oriented usability and extensive operational information provide optimal operational control and comprehensive and timely passenger information."

Andreas Follak
Operational Infrastructure Planner, S-Bahn Hamburg

"The automatic depot management system allows us to smoothly control tram traffic. This helps ensure that trams leave the depot on time and that the available technical infrastructure and workforce are used optimally. These advantages not only benefit the operator and its employees, but everyone who uses our services."

Wojciech Tulibacki
General Manager, MPK Poznań Sp. z o.o.

"Since Amsterdam’s needs continue to grow, we need a reliable partner to provide robust support. We have achieved much in the last few years and are also well positioned for the future to continue providing our passengers with the best services."

Walter Lohuizen
Process Manager, GVB Amsterdam

"We are committed to providing great service to our local and international passengers. That also includes comprehensive and current information. With the passenger information system from PSI, the Rhätische Bahn has a first-class and modern product that also ideally suits the aesthetics of our image. Besides the passenger information system, we can also provide interesting travel recommendations in the Grisons at the stations. Together with PSI, we have implemented another important milestone in attractiveness and competitiveness for our customers."

Christian Florin
Head of Infrastructure, Rhaetian Railway Inc

"With PSI, we have found an extremely flexible and capable partner that has played a valuable role both in managing the project and by contributing its experience, and which together with us realised this project in on time."

Christian Karl
Managing Director, Omnipart Verkehrsdienstleistungen GmbH

"Since the introduction of the PSI control system, we have profited from an error-free data supply and rapid response times. By continuously monitoring the transport situation, we are able to react quickly to disruptions. We are certain that we have become more reliable in the eyes of our passengers because we can guarantee connections and communicate them immediately in vehicles and on the platform."

Bernd Stühler
Telematic Project Engineer, MoveOn Telematik Service GmbH

"With the completion of the PIS Project Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn has a complex and powerful passenger information system that matches the requirements of modern passenger information considering rail specific conditions. Operations are efficient and with the central real-time data supply we can guarantee reliable and continuous passenger information."

Andreas Volken
Project Manager Rolling Stock Engineering, Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn

"Harmonizing the production process, independent from the staff members and their individual experience, led to a more stable, reproducible process with less failure and improved products quality."

Ludwig Höbenreich
IT melt shop, Böhler Edelstahl

"We assume that we will even exceed expectations in terms of optimising energy efficiency. A truly satisfactory and gratifying outcome. It also looks as if we are going to surpass the planned increase in productivity of 10%."

Dr. Georg Stierle
Managing Director, Friedrich Wilhelmshütte

"Our investment in a flexible solution from PSI, IBM, and SAP will continue to deliver benefits into the future, driving greater efficiency and speed in our manufacturing processes while continuing to push down costs in IT operations."

Michael Brüne
Head of Information Technology, thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel

"Attaching great importance to quality aspects in production is a main competitive advantage of our company. We selected PSI and PSImetals to improve standardization of the production of each steel grade and to ensure process quality control . We have been convinced by PSI's strong experience in the area of ensuring quality in steel making and their PSImetals solution as well as highly pleased customers."

Bruno Pessoa
General Melt Shop Manager, Villares Metals

"To adapt the VSB solution at a maximum to the PSImetals-standard has resulted in minimal customising efforts whilst enabling the fulfilment of time and costs targets at the same time."

Carlos Matuck
Project Manager, Vallourec Sumitomo do Brasil

A selection of our references listed in business areas:


PSI control system optimises pipeline and tank farm management for safer and more environmentally friendly crude oil transportation.

E.ON Netz

As the largest distribution network operator in Germany, E.ON Netz controls a 110 kV high voltage network spanning Germany’s northern border with Denmark to the Alps in the south.


E.ON is the third biggest industrial company in Germany with approximately 190,000 employees. The company developed from the amalgamation of VEBA and VIAG and is now a clearly focused company with prominent market leadership in the core business field of energy supply.


Control systems for gas transmission of Nord Stream and Blue Stream Pipeline.

Kuwait Oil Company

Leak detection and location system for a total of 12 countrywide gas and condensate pipelines.

LEW Verteilnetz GmbH

Located in south-western Bavaria, Lechwerke operates their network with over 7,000 km of medium voltage powerlines using a network control system from PSI. Lightning detection and the integration of orthophotos facilitate network operations and enable the entire network to be operated.


PSI has taken the previous network control centres of MITNETZ STROM, east Germany’s largest energy provider, and created one control centre using PSIcontrol.  With this single network control system, enviaM effectively and cost-efficiently controls their network of over 26,000 km². PSIcommand is used for workforce management and field service management needs.

Netrion GmbH

Netrion has over the past 25 years provided its customers with multi-utility services: electricity, long-distance heating, gas, water, wastewater, thermal residual recycling - all from one single supplier.

ONTRAS Gastransport GmbH

Migration to new process control system PSIcontrol V7. The system includes the integrated gas transport management system PSItransport as well as the message handling module PSIcomcentre.

Stadtwerke München

The PSI AG was commissioned to realize a network management system for 110 kV and medium voltage networks.


Control system for the distribution networks of the Malaysian peninsula.


The transmission system operator TenneT uses PSI technology with industry leading features for network applications. Forty percent of Germany’s ultra-high voltage network is being operated cost-efficiently to guarantee energy supply for over twenty million people.


Controlling the entire rail electrification network in Sweden, Trafikverket uses PSIcontrol in eight network control centres from Boden to Malmö.  The six kilometre-long Citytunnel in Malmö uses the highest safety standards and video monitoring, all integrated into PSIcontrol.

Westnetz GmbH

PSI was assigned with the realisation of network control technology in five grid regions.


The gas dispatching solution system, which handles the business processes for short-term trading, was realised by implementing the standard applications PSItransact, PSIcomcentre and PSIgasaf.


PSImetals as production management system to optimise planning, production and logistics in the areas from steel making to rolling and finishing at more than 20 ArcelorMittal production sites worldwide.

Firmengruppe Simon

PSIpenta: All the ERP and MES software solutions for the Simon Group from tool manufacturing to automotive supply.

Hydro Aluminium

The PSImetals management system has been implemented for production execution as well as for warehouse and transportation.


LPP is a leading Polish fashion retailer with over 500 shops in 10 countries within the region. With PSI software LPP manages a daily throughput of over 300,000 pieces, equal to 100,000 order lines in case of replenishment ensuring a 24/7 availability in seasonal peaks.

Linde AG

PSI software optimises the complete manufacturing processes and the control of plant construction.

STUTE Logistics GmbH

PSIwms, PSI’s warehouse management system, makes sure that component parts for Airbus 380 are brought together and promptly supplied to Airbus 380 construction facilities.

VW Nutzfahrzeuge

PSI controls all processes of supply to and removal from the crossbar presses, the transport and the to-bin transfer of full cassettes. PSI also controls the complete material flow in the lot size storage through a material flow control system.

Villares Metals

PSImetals as production management system for production process optimisation and quality assurance for 17 different lines in the steel and stainless steel plant.

thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel

PSImetals as integrated and standardized software solution for managing the production of electrical steel as high-tech core material at four different locations around Europe.