User report: PSItraffic BMS manages processes in Polands most modern tram depot

Artificial tram intelligence in Posen

In 2012, the Municipal Transport Service in Posen (MPK) commissioned PSI Transcom to implement and deliver an automatic Depot Management System (DMS) for the Franowo tram depot in Posen, Poland. The Franowo depot will be expanded, since it is no longer sufficient for the growing vehicle fleet. After completion, it will be one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe.

As part of the depot renovation, all sidings will for the first time be completely roofed over. In future, hundreds of vehicles will be stored in the halls.

A decision was made to introduce the depot management system PSItraffic to ensure the smooth monitoring and control of all processes on the new grounds and in the garage. Project realization was taken over by PSI Poland, together with the colleagues from PSI Transcom in Berlin.

The most important responsibility of the DMS is the smooth control of all depot processes.

To help achieve this, detailed information on every individual vehicle is entered into the database. Based on the data collected and the analysis performed, the system issues directives to drivers and determines routes. The PSI system is also responsible for identifying and locating vehicles within the depot, as well as for determining routes and assigning parking positions.

„We collect two types of data: preferences and limits for each line, and schedule information. Additionally, the service mandated by the warranty and other service measures are considered. Based upon these variables, the system plans trams depot parking“, says Piotr Picyk, Head of Sales for PSI Produkty i System Informatyczne Sp. z o.o.. „In addition to route planning, the most important job for the system is reacting properly to all unanticipated situations, for example sudden failures. The more quickly and effectively the system reacts, the faster the repaired tram can return to its route. In principle, this is a kind of artificial tram intelligence“, stresses Picyk.

Optimization with Qualicision®

The PSI DMS works using the Qualicision technology from the PSI subsidiary F/L/S Fuzzy Logik Systeme GmbH ( The process optimization module is used to accelerate decision making, as well as performing other duties. Qualicision alters the traditional mindset. „Qualicision doesn't change the idea of system operation, but rather accelerates system function“, says Piotr Picyk. For example, this technology is suitable for choosing parking spaces or selecting vehicles. It also makes it possible to set comprehensive preferences for vehicle traffic. In this way, vehicles can be sent out according to specific criteria, for example only those which are still under guaranty, or only vehicles below a particular mileage. You can assign specific vehicle types from a selected line, or assign vehicles according to other, non-contractual criteria.

Premier – soon

The software implementation will take place in four phases.

In the first phase, switch heaters and switch machine controls were installed. In phase two, the complete documentation was created. The final two phases consist of the implementation and commissioning of the system. With the start of construction in summer 2012, the first switch machines were installed. In October 2012, the first trams appeared in the depot in Franowo. Although both the depot and system are currently under construction, the property is already functioning as a parking hall.

The DMS should enter the test phase in the second half of 2013.

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