Compliance Management System

Description of the Compliance Management System of PSI Software AG

The Compliance Management System of PSI Software AG comprises the rules, standards and processes intended to ensure compliance with all relevant legal regulations and guidelines. The structure of the compliance organisation and the Compliance Management System are tailored to the requirements and needs of the entire PSI Group.

We regard compliance first and foremost as a fundamental management task and as joint responsibility of all management bodies in the PSI Group. We expect our managers to be a visible role model in attitude and values, to support the PSI corporate culture in all respects and to pass on our values and guidelines to our employees and business partners.

In addition, all employees of our company are obliged to follow binding rules and regulations, including our Code of Conduct, as part of their duties and activities. To help our employees understand and comply with these compliance rules, we support them with targeted communication and regular information. The passing on of necessary information as well as enforcing the essential rules of compliance are in the focus of this compliance communication. We also encourage our employees to be vigilant about compliance violations and report them to our Compliance Committee, which will treat these notes confidentially. This forms the basis for a culture of compliance that is practiced throughout the PSI Group.

Further central components of the PSI Compliance Management System are the regular investigation and evaluation of risks specific to the Group. This is based in particular on the results of the regular risk assessment and compliance audits, as well as any additional, event-related compliance audits. If necessary, additional actions are derived from these results in order to avoid compliance risks. In addition, the findings of reported violations are used to continuously improve and develop the Compliance Management System and to ensure its integrity and sustainability.

The central Group department Quality, Risk & Compliance, which reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer, is responsible for communication on all compliance issues and for designing and monitoring the compliance management system.