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Social Projects

"We take our social responsibility seriously and promote sustainable development"

PSI has been involved in social welfare projects for years. The Company and its employees support at several locations charitable works and organisations. Every year at Christmas PSI Energy Markets makes a donation to the Löwenherz Children’s Hospice. In Berlin, the employees of PSI Automotive and Industry GmbH made a collection at their Christmas party for the Sonnenhof Children’s Hospice of the Björn Schulz foundation.

PSI Logistics is also committed to sick and disadvantaged people and supports social institutions every year in the form of donations. These include Aschaffenburger Kindertäume e.V., Abenteuerfarm e.V. in Haibach, Ambulanter Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst in Dortmund, Herzmensch e.V. in Waldaschaff and Doctors Without Borders. 

In addition, PSI has been supporting the Berliner Aids-Hilfe e.V. for many years. In addition, PSI promotes sporting activities for various employee groups by financing competitions and equipment.

At Christmas, PSI supports organizations such as Herzmensch e.V., Wunsch am Horizont e.V. and the German Children's Hospice Association with donations at the Aschaffenburg location. In 2020 PSI donated 2500 euros to the Herzmensch e.V. association.

Since 2018, PSI has been cooperating with the technology group at the Schiller Elementary School in Aschaffenburg as part of the “Youth and Technology” project, in order to get students excited about technical issues at an early stage.

At Christmas, PSI supports various organizations at the Aschaffenburg site. PSI supported the Wunsch am Horizont e.V. association in December 2019 with a donation of 2,500 euros.

PSI supported the children's clinic in Aschaffenburg with a donation of 3,000 euros.

In Malaysia, our Asian subsidiary PSI Incontrol distributed 250 schoolbags to children of families affected by severe flooding. In Thailand, PSI Incontrol and its employees together contributed funds to support a flood victim.



Social commitment by PSI employees

Social commitment is not only of great importance for PSI as a company, but also plays a major role for the individual employees.

Against the background of the current situation in Ukraine, our colleagues have become active on their own initiative or in aid organizations to help affected people in and from Ukraine in a wide variety of ways.

The commitments include, on the one hand, setting up collection points for donations in kind and donation accounts and, on the other hand, direct on-site support. Among other things, relief goods were delivered to the appropriate points of contact in the border areas and carpooling opportunities for refugees to Germany were made possible. In addition, colleagues have been involved in arranging accommodation in Germany as well as in Ukraine's neighboring countries.

"After a long search, misdirection by individuals, surprising insights, but ultimately the achievement of my goals, I am convinced that I did the right thing. As soon as it is possible, I will set off again, this time with a minibus, so that I can help even more effectively.”

Guido Leichert, PSI employee, after his first aid tour to the Ukrainian border in Medyka.

PSI as a company also supports its employees in their social commitment with a quota of time off for voluntary humanitarian workers and the assumption of costs for fuel and relief goods. In total, PSI has donated more than 100,000 euros to date, made up of:

  • Donate money,
  • reimbursement of costs for fuel and relief goods,
  • paid time off for humanitarian volunteers and
  • hardware donations.

Thank you PSI for supporting Ukrainians so strongly in this terrible war. In the last few days I was able to bring part of my family from Ukraine to safety.

Artem Zhulinskyi, PSI employee

Our subsidiary PSI Polska bought beds to set up a home for refugees from Ukraine, which was provided by a partner company for around 30 Ukrainian women and their children. Our employees volunteered and installed the beds and other furniture.

Activities in Sensitive Countries

Currently PSI has no activities in sensitive countries.

Programmes to Address Digital Divide

PSI has given used IT equipment to educational institutions.