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The PRODUCTION manager is published four times a year and informs about the latest developments on the market for software solutions in the field of logistics and production.

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Current cover story

ERP + MES Trends 2023

Ready for the Industrial Transformation

Driving the Industrial Transformation will continue to set the tone for developments in the ERP and MES world in 2023. The switches which have not yet been set are now being adjusted: This affects, among other things, the modernization of legacy systems, the establishment of communication structures between manufacturers, suppliers and customers, and the design and implementation of effective sustainability concepts.

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Recommended articles

NOSTA Group relies on PSIwms for multiple logistics locations

With the warehouse management system PSIwms, the full-service logistics provider NOSTA Group manages several logistics locations in a comprehensive stock and order management from the cloud. Coordinated process control offers maximum flexibility, transparency and cost benefits. The possibility of self-configuration forms a central building block for customized logistics concepts and customer-oriented solutions.

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Business consulting helps increase confidence for successful project execution

Digitalization and decarbonization of the production processes are expensive ventures. Due to their key impact, metals producers need to get them right the first time. To do so, they need the support of experienced consultants to help define clear objectives and measurable targets, and successfully navigate their change management. The consulting business of PSI Metals supports the industry with all the tools and technological expertise and the successful references worldwide speak volume.

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Qualicision AI with integrated didactics

Today, companies use decision support software to optimize business process objectives such as short throughput times, balanced utilization of resources or high degree of adherence to delivery dates, which are managed as profitability indicators in the companies. PSIqualicision AI is a weband cloud-enabled software that can optimize your business process objectives. The software is provided via the PSI Industrial App Store. It offers the Qualitative Labeling of business process data whereby interactions between KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are machine learned and explainable visualized.

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