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The PRODUCTION manager is published four times a year and informs about the latest developments on the market for software solutions in the field of logistics and production.

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Current cover story

The Quest for Excellence

How Tenaris builds its world's most advanced plant with the help of a competence center

Competition is more and more a question of good time management. It’s not the big companies swallowing smaller ones, it’s the fast overtaking the slow in a race for the dream customer. The so-called "Center of Ex-cellence" or competence center contributes significantly to winning this race. It helps companies with client acquisition and provides a deep understanding of their industry.  Read more

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Recommended articles

MES Reinvented

Agile working, adaptability in production and smart factories - many of the current buzzwords indicate that a fundamental change is taking place in production. Customers' needs are changing at a faster and faster pace. Read more

WMS for Cross-Site Process Control

By coordinating its processes across multiple sites and warehouses with the PSIwms warehouse management system, full-service logistics provider the Nosta Group is enjoying maximum flexibility, transparency and cost benefits in contract logistics.  Read more

Qualitative Labeling with Deep Qualicision AI

Interview: Dr. Rudolf Felix Talks About AI in Industrial Business Processes including AI methods, AI applications and his vision for the future when it comes to using AI in PSI solutions. Read more

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