New Software Release PSIcontrol/Gas 7.9 with Extended Standard Functions

The dark-theme mode offers, especially on night shift, information quickly and securely. Source: PSI

The dark-theme mode offers, especially on night shift, information quickly and securely. Source: PSI

Berlin, 6 November 2019 – The PSI Software AG is currently offering the new release 7.9 of the upgradable standard products PSIcontrol/Gas, PSIganesi Online Simulation and PSIreko for rollout. The standard functions have been extensively expanded and the configurability and flexibility of the user interface increased.

Support for the use of large displays and the possibilities for specifically configuring user interfaces has been improved. The dark-theme mode is also new; with this, dispatchers, especially on night shift, can obtain information quickly and securely.

A group of objects can now be more individually allocated to an archiving horizon. In this way, storage resources can be better allocated and used as needed. A remote telecontrol connection is provided as an option for the standard, which can be parameterised in master data maintenance. This enables operation in the cloud.

The online simulation PSIganesi offers attributes of temperature tracking in the 2-layer storage model and thus allows a more precise mapping of temperature curves in pipes underground. This increases the accuracy of the gas network content and gas network buffer.

The new pig display in the world view allows a faster recognition of pig positions based on the topological and geographical reference. Improved methods and operation for pig tracking allow automatic determination of pig positions based on pressure fluctuations.

The inclusion of current switching states and flow situations simplifies path finding in parallel and strongly intermeshed line sections in the locus curve representation. The extension of the gas composition reconstruction offers a clear representation of the measurement data transmitted from a connected accounting system.

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