PSI Incontrol provides flood management system for Malaysia

Communication for 50 locations along the Muda River in Kedah

Berlin, 23 August 2012 – PSI Incontrol, Malaysia, a member of the PSI Group, is to implement a new flood management system along the Muda River, to supply irrigation and drainage in Kedah, Malaysia. The solution will provide communication for 50 locations along the Muda River, where remote terminals will be installed, and control the newly constructed 14 bay barrage and water control gates consisting of two, three and four bays. Real-time fibre-optic communications will feed surveillance videos and data to a central control centre, which is currently under construction.

The dual-function flood management system will operate automatically, releasing flood and storm waters during the monsoon seasons and maintaining a sufficient water supply for industrial, municipal and irrigation use. The system will also be integrated into seven existing pumping stations for efficient and optimised management.

Talks are currently under way to further enhance the system for storm prediction and early warning with the integration of a Decision Support System (DSS). This system will monitor radar echoes from the Meteorological Services Department and utilise the upstream dams for flood and drought management.

PSI Incontrol has successfully supplied other water and wastewater systems, including the world’s first dual-purpose Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel (SMART). The tunnel diverts floodwaters away from the confluence of the two major rivers running through the city centre of Kuala Lumpur while its central section doubles up as a two-deck motorway to relieve traffic congestion at the main southern gateway into the city centre.

On the basis of its own software products, PSI AG develops and integrates complete solutions for energy management (electricity, gas, oil, heat), production management (metals, automotive, mechanical engineering, mining, logistics) and infrastructure management for transport and safety. PSI was founded in 1969 and employs more than 1,500 persons worldwide.