SWMI Integrates Charging Infrastructure with PSI Smart Grid Solutions

E-charging station of SWM in Munich. Source: SWM/Steffen Leiprecht.

E-charging station of SWM in Munich. Source: SWM/Steffen Leiprecht.

Cloud-based platform PSIngo for automated control of distribution networks

Berlin, 14 July 2020 – SWM Infrastructure GmbH & Co.KG (SWMI), a company of the Stadtwerke München and a network operator of the local energy supply network, relies on the intelligent grid operator PSIngo from PSI GridConnect to integrate the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles into the local low-voltage networks. The innovative operations management concept for intelligent and automated distribution networks allows a central network status determination for the early detection of impending bottlenecks. This ensures a stable and reliable operation of the low-voltage networks.

Charging in the private sector, in particular, poses serious demands on maintaining security of supply. With high simultaneity of high-performance consumers such as heat pumps, night storage and the fast charging of electric vehicles, network overloads can occur at times.

The PSIngo cloud-based smart grid platform provides network operators with a scalable and AI-based solution for the automated monitoring and control of low-voltage networks. This enables the distribution networks to be digitized quickly and economically. It also brings new transparency to network operations and ensures that security of supply is maintained.

The primary goal of SWMI is to maintain customer comfort during the charging process. With the gained observability of the low-voltage network, SWMI aims to optimize the use of existing line reserves and to avoid frequent unplanned and prolonged network interventions.

Based on the many years of experience in the smart grid area and the powerful combination of neural networks with Deep Qualicision, PSI has developed a self-learning method for AI-assisted network status estimation that also manages with incomplete network status  information.

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