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Digital Depot Management for Transport Companies: It Is Not Possible Without Automation

19 Jun 2023 - Transport, Technology, Sustainability

Adobe Stock/Nico
Adobe Stock/Nico

Digitisation improves and accelerates processes, minimises errors and increases economic efficiency: The realisation that a depot management system offers great advantages is not new, even for small transport companies. But until now, the complexity of the systems offered on the market and the associated requirements for an implementation project were simply not manageable. In contrast to larger transport operators, companies with smaller fleets usually only employ a few people to deal with digital issues instead of employing an entire IT team.

Until now, a lack of resources was considered a decisive criterion against many digitalisation projects, especially since everyday operations could be ensured without the corresponding systems. In addition, the companies feared that they would become dependent and lose their existential flexibility advantage over larger transport companies.

Digitisation as a Competitive Factor

This has changed with the "zero emission" strategy in public transport and the progressive electrification of bus fleets. This is because charging management, range and circulation calculations as well as the dual operation of diesel and electric buses create a complex planning reality that can only be managed with software support. At the same time, it can be assumed that proof of appropriate systems will increasingly be required when awarding route concessions and will thus become a competitive factor.

This has massively increased the pressure to act in a short time, even for smaller companies. The realisation that the introduction of a depot management system is indispensable has solidified.

The dilemma: So far, a digitalisation path that is tailored to the operational reality of smaller transport companies is (was) missing.

Individually Expandable Complete Turnkey Solution

Smaller transport companies need a system with which they can ensure the availability and punctuality of their vehicles in the same way as large companies. And one that is designed in such a way that even a small number of employees are able to successfully carry out the implementation project.

The PSIeDMS start depot management system from PSI Transcom answers this call from the field. The system is designed as a turnkey solution. It is robust, also suitable for fewer vehicles and can be expanded step by step.

The basic system consists of the 4 modules

  1. visualisation,
  2. supply,
  3. disposition and
  4. parking.

This provides companies with all the necessary functionalities to efficiently manage vehicles of all drive types. The connection to a charging management system for electric buses, to upstream timetable systems and the possibility of importing master data and generating reports are also included.

Furthermore, the introduction of the solution takes place along a defined standard process, which the companies implement largely independently. The order in which the modules are introduced can be variably adapted to the needs of the companies.

The depot management system "PSIeDMS start" contains the four modules visualisation, supply, disposition and stabling. Source: PSI Transcom
The depot management system "PSIeDMS start" contains the four modules visualisation, supply, disposition and stabling. Source: PSI Transcom

From Digital Core Processes to Autonomous Systems

When transport companies introduce a basic system, they can limit themselves to the digitalisation of the core processes of their depot without taking a functional risk.

With the basic system, they create a digital foundation that allows access to all always up-to-date extensions. If the requirements increase, additional modules can be integrated and processes automated via upgrades. These expansion packages can also be introduced gradually and thus with significantly reduced complexity.

The final expansion stage corresponds to the highest level of automation: the system can be operated completely autonomously:

"PSIeDMS start" grows with you - if additional requirements arise, further modules can be easily integrated. Souce: PSI Transcom

One System for All Company Sizes

With the electrification of drives, the digitalisation of depots is inevitable for operators. The introduction of a depot management system opens up the path to digitalisation for modern companies:

With a fixed scope of functions and along standardised processes, projects with low complexity are implemented quickly and safely, while at the same time creating the basis for demand-oriented expansions.

For more information, see our brochure on the basic PSIeDMS start depot management system:

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Jost Geweke

Business Development Manager at PSI Transcom GmbH