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When was PSI first listed on the stock exchange and how was the primary offering received?

The initial public offering of PSI AG stocks took place on 31 August, 1998. The high demand for the 2,169,500 stocks issued in the company meant that the offering was 40-times oversubscribed. The issuing price was €23.78 per stock.

What is the shareholder structure of PSI?

Please take a look on the page shareholders structure for a detailed overview.

What is the Group’s total stock capital?

PSI’s stock capital currently totals €40,185,256.96 and is comprised of 15,697,366 stocks.

What type of stocks are PSI’s stocks?

PSI’s stocks are registered stocks. There are no physical stocks.

Where are PSI stocks traded?

PSI stocks are traded on the Prime Standard market. They are listed on the Xetra trading system and on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt, Berlin-Bremen, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich.

Does PSI pay a dividend?

PSI’s strategy focuses on investing in further growth and increasing the Group’s value. PSI whishes its shareholders to participate in the benefits of this strategy.

Based on this we decided to pay our shareholders a dividend in 2010 for the financial year 2009.

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What does PSI do and what are the Group’s business divisions?

The PSI Group develops and integrates software solutions and complete systems for utilities, manufacturers and infrastructure providers in public transport and safety on the basis of its more than 40 years of experience.

In Europe PSI is one of the leading independent solution providers for controlling and monitoring complex network infrastructures for energy suppliers (electricity, gas, oil, heat and water). In the metals industry, machinery and plant engineering, the automotive industry and logistics, PSI solutions assure optimal support for cross-company production processes. PSI control systems solutions provide optimized management of business processes in companies and organizations in the areas of public transportation and safety, environmental protection and disaster control.

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What does the name PSI stand for?

PSI is the abbreviation for Products and Systems in Information Technology.

What does the walnut signify?

PSI solutions combine many years of IT expertise and in-depth knowledge of our customers’ CORE processes. This combination enables our customers to accelerate their business processes, manage their resources with greater efficiency, and enhance external value chains with the aid of internet technology. PSI solutions help our customers to operate more cost-effectively and boost their ability to compete.

When was PSI founded?

PSI was founded in 1969 by five former employees of AEG.

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