• Sustainability and CSR

    Since the founding of the company in 1969, sustainability in customer projects and own processes as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR) have been of particular importance to PSI.

    In addition to environmental and social concerns, this includes in particular the areas of employees and customers.

Sustainable Development Goals

PSI supports the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations and contributes with progressive products in particular to sustainable energy supply, responsible production, resilient infrastructures and sustainable cities. PSI thus indirectly contributes to the fight against climate change, to the end of poverty and to sustainable economic growth and decent work.

Our contribution to sustainability

Greater efficiency in business processes ensures responsible use of energy, raw materials and labor. The following are examples of the positive effects of using PSI software:

10 % less emissions
and transport costs
in logistics

Up to 25 % reduction
of energy consumption
from reheating furnaces

40 % lower network
expansion costs through
smart distribution networks

Award for "Germany's climate-conscious companies"

In a study by the business magazine Capital with the data portal Statista, the PSI Group was recognized as one of the climate-conscious companies in Germany. The award recognizes the companies' commitment to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

Out of 2,000 companies, PSI was the only software company to achieve a top 10 ranking with 8th place.

Seal of quality for sustainability

Since 2014, PSI has been awarded the DZ Bank Seal of Quality for Sustainability.