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    Business Ethics

Policy on Bribery and Corruption

Employees are strictly forbidden to ask for, accept or offer inappropriate inducements when dealing with public servants or others with whom there is an established or prospective business relationship. Inappropriate means, in this context, that a third party may conclude that a trade has been unfairly influenced, that the standards of hospitality were exceeded or that an existing law has been violated.

Partners of PSI are required to comply with the company’s standards of quality and performance; to comply with all applicable local laws and fair working practices for employees; to protect natural resources; to conduct fair trade; and to protect intellectual property rights.

Code of Conduct

Whistleblower Programs

Employees and third parties have the opportunity to report compliance violations to the Compliance Committee. This information is kept confidential.

E-mail: compliance@psi.de

Postal address:
Compliance Committee
PSI Software AG
Dircksenstraße 42-44
10178 Berlin